The Lion King: Simba & Friends

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Today I’ll be sharing some of the tittles & plots for my new AU story series called The Lion King: Simba & Friends.These stories take place when King Ahadi & Queen Uru (Mufasa & Scar’s mother and father) ruled over Pride Rock and the characters from The Lion King’s 1 & 2, The Lion Guard & The Lion King Comic Books are all cubs and very best friends and they have some unusual adventures together.



Simba-The Leader
Nala-Simba’s Right-Pawed Lioness
Kiara-The Curious One
Kovu-The Innocent One
Kopa-The Brains of the Outfit
Vitani-The One with the most Attitude of the Team
Kion-The Lion Guard
Mufasa-The Loyal Lion Prince
Mheetu-Nala’s Little Brother
Taka(Scar)-The Mysterious One

Ahadi & Uru-Simba, Kopa and Kion’s Parents, King & Queen of Pride Rock
Bongani & Furaha-Nala & Mheetu’s Mother and Father
Ebele & Imari-Kiara’s Mother and Father
Zawadi-Kovu’s Mother
Kiume-Viatni’s Father
Kibibi & Nawaka-Mufasa and Scar’s Parents

Zazu-Eye in the Sky
Rafiki-The Wise Mandril
Tojo-Kovu’s Best Friend
Mala-Mufasa and Scar’s Cousin
Asha, Koda and Leah-Pride Distance Friends
Dalila-Asha, Koda and Leah’s Mother
Jabari- Vitani’s Best Friend
Asante, Alikah and Dogo-Taka’s Gang
Tama-Kiara’s Best Friend
Swifty the Cheetah-Kion’s  Partner
Chuks-Bully from Kovu’s Other Pride
Emeka-Tojo’s Grandmother
Clawdius-Leader of the Swamp Pride
Folami-Tojo’s Abusive Aunt
Ni-Leader of Kovu’s Old Pride



The Lion King: Simba & Friends (Stories 1-5)


#1. The Way of the Cheetah- Kion’s partner Swifty teaches him how to be like a cheetah like him.

#2. Cousin Mala’s Visit- Mufasa & Taka’s cousin Mala comes to Pride Rock while her mother is out on a week-long hunting trip.While the other cubs take interest in her, Taka is fed up and annoyed so he plans to get rid of her.

#3. Here Comes the Trio- Uru’s old friend Dalila visits Pride Rock and introduces Simba & the Gang to her three cubs: Koda, Asha and Leah.

#4. Once Upon a Kovu- Rafiki tells the story of how Kovu & his mother Zawadi became members of Ahadi’s Pride

#5. Nala’s Brother- It’s the big moment everyone in Pride Rock was waiting for: The Birth of Nala’s  brand new baby brother!(or baby sister).


The Lion King: Simba & Friends (Stories 6-10)


#6. Mheetu’s Birth Celebration- Twelve days after the birth of Nala’s little brother, the whole pride plans to celebrate but will Taka & Simba learn to compromise when it comes to gathering the little cubs into a choir?

#7. How Ahadi met Uru-  Ahadi tells Simba the story on how he met Uru.

#8. Enter: Zira- A lioness named Zira has come to the Pride Lands to kill Ahadi & Uru’s boys as well as the rest of Simba’s friends, but who will stop this crazy cub killer from marking her target on little Kopa?

#9. Kiara & Tama- The 6 month anniversary of the day Kiara met her best friend Tama and the girls tell Kion, Kovu & Mufasa the story on how they met 6 months ago.

#10. For the Love of Cubs- Vitani’s old cave mate Malka comes to join Ahadi’s pride, but as the two bond after 3 long years, will Kopa be able to win over Vitani’s heart?


DKA Festival of TLK and Finding Nemo the Musical Crossover Anouncement


Hey Guys.

If your fans of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park and the two current shows Festival of the Lion King & Finding Nemo the Musical LISTEN UP!! Cause this is for YOU!!

I am thinking about writing a crossover story between the two shows staring some characters from animated movies and cartoons shows BUT I DON’T KNOW WHICH CHARACTERS TO CHOOSE FROM!!!

So dear blog readers,

If you have some of your favorite animated movie or cartoon show characters please send them in through your comments.The rules are followed after this message.Thanks & Hakuna Matata!


.Animated Movie Characters can be from Disney, Dreamworks Animation, Blue Sky Studios,Illumiation Entertainment and more

.Animated Cartoon Characters can be from Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Cartoon Networks previous Animated shows, the HUB and more

.Must be at least 3 to 13 characters

.Movie Characters can be both children and adult