The Lion King: Simba & Friends Issue 3

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Here are the plots for

The Lion King: Simba & Friends Issue 3 Stories 21-25 & 26-30.



The Lion King: Simba & Friends Stories 21-25 Plots

The Lion King U-When Ahadi  asked Simba & the gang to teach other cubs their age the ways of the pride.What do they do? They decide to open up their own school for cubs called The Lion King University!

Simba & Friends Week Off-After Ahadi notices that the cubs have been working very hard lately, he decides to give the cubs a week off from their chores and lessons.The cubs then decided to go on a journey filled with rescues, new friends and  jungle filled fun.

Mr.Ditcher-Fed up with his school lessons, Taka decides to skip school for a week with only one priority: to make sure his brother and his friends don’t rat him out!

By by the Sea and the Shore-It’s the hottest day of the year for Simba & the gang and the best way to celebrate is with a day at the water hole.

Little Cubs can do Big Things To- After being teased by his size AGAIN! Kopa is determined to prove  his friends and family that little cubs like him can do big things to.


The Lion King: Simba & Friends Stories 26-30 Plots

Little Miss Lioness-When a Little Miss Lioness pageant takes place at Pride Rock, Nala, Kiara and Vitani decided to enter.But when Vitani is insulted by some cubs about her “beauty” issues, it’s up to Mufasa and Simba to make Vitani”beautiful”, but the boys soon realize that within an aggressive young cub there is beauty within her just by being herself.

A Day in the Life of Nala- This story tells about the normal everyday life of Nala.

Cub Mallion- A hedgehog puts Mufasa and Taka’s educations to the test only to reveal himself as a psychotic nut job doctor.

Kovu’s Wonderful Life-After not being appreciated for what he did for everyone. Kovu begins to think on what life WOULD be like if he’d never existed.

Taka’s New Brother-When a cub named Kali wanders over to Pride Rock and claims he’s lost.Scar’s parents tell him that IF Zazu doesn’t find his pride Kali would become Taka’s New Brother.

The Lion King Simba & Friends Issue 2

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If you’s recently read my last post about my new story series called The Lion King: Simba & Friends, here’s the deal.Stories 1-5 & 6-10 were just issue 1 of the series.I am planning to write 100 stories in the series & I am going x5 on these so BE PREPARED!




The Lion King: Simba & Friends (Stories 11-15)


How To Train your Lover Cub- Kion falls for a white lioness cub called Bora & he want’s her to notice him.Will his brothers & friends help, will Scar keep playing pranks on him while he tries or will Dogo fight Kion to win over her heart?

To the Elephant Graveyard & Back- It’s ultimate life or death struggle when Kiara  & Kopa are trapped in the Elephant Graveyard, will they work together to get out or will they become the hyena’s dinner?

Invasion of the Red Dogs- When the Red Dogs invade the Pridelands, it’s up to Simba &  the gang to drive them away from attacking their father.

Yule Be Sorry- *SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EDITION* It’s Christmas time in the Pride of Ahadi & all of the cubs are excited…except Taka. When Taka is not in the holiday mood, three spirits arrive to tell Taka the true meaning of Christmas.

The Return of the Trio- Asha, Koda & Leah return to the pridelands due to an outsider invasion.The cubs think it will be great until Leah gets captured.Now it’s up to the cubs to track down the cub napper  and take Leah back to them.



The Lion King: Simba & Friends (Stories 16-20)


Enter: Chuks- When a bully from Kovu’s old pride teams up with Taka, Asante, Alika and Dogo, three words only mean one thing: HERE COMES TROUBLE!

Cougar Crises- Mufasa & Nala finds a baby cougar while chasing away hynea’s from Pride Rock.The cubs then takes the cougar home and deals with the most difficult challenge a lion could ever face: PARENTHOOD! 

Three Prince’s & A Cobra- Simba, Kion & Kopa are in terrible danger when a black cobra comes across their path, exposing that they are the next furute kings.

Soul Lioness-A blind young cub named Shani comes to visit Simba and the gang but Scar says some pretty harsh things to her making her run away.Can the cubs find her before it’s too late?

Silence is Not Gold-Kovu’s best friend Tojo has been getting hurt lately by his aunt and tell Kovu not to tell anyone.But what will happen when Tojo nearly gets killed and Kovu doesn’t say a single word?