The Lion Guard Comic Announcement

Hey Guys,

My obsession with Disney Jr’s new TV show ‘The Lion Guard’ based on the 1994 blockbuster hit movie ‘The Lion King’ has been taking me to ideas far beyond anything Disney could imagine.

Just yesterday I was thinking:

‘Why wait for Disney Jr. to air The Lion Guard movie in November of this year when U can tell the story yourself’

And that thought came back to me and I am happy 2 announce that I will be posting pictures of ‘The Lion Guard’ in the form of a comic book that I am making and sending to Disney Jr.

I will also be adding new characters 2 the story such as Kion’s best friend’s Alexandra and Nakawa(Swahili for Good Looking) and Kovu and Kiara’s newborn cub Kali(Swahili for Strong) who U will see later in the story.

PLZ coment me your thoughts about this idea 4 the comic if U R a fan of ‘The Lion King’ and you ‘just can’t wait’ for ‘The Lion Guard’ to air on TV

Thanks and Hakuna Matata!

(PS: I am still gonna keep the new characters Disney is making and producing.)


KFNK New Characters

Cindy(Rahzar’s Girlfriend)

Age: 29

Species: Mutant Gray Wolf

Team: Foot Clan

Eye Color: Crimson 

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Kathleen Tuner(Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Rodger Rabbit)



Vanessa(Fishface’s Girlfriend)


Species: Human

Team: None

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Queen Latifa(Ellie from the Ice Age movies)