Happy 60th Anniversary Disneyland!!!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear DISNEYLAND
Happy Birthday to You!

From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too!



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So, the park is gonna have six themed lands called Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Treasure Cove, Adventure Isle, Mickey Avenue, and Gardens of Imagination.

So let me tell U guys about these lands..

.Mickey Avenue will be the character-inspired entry to the park featuring plenty of photo ops and shopping.

.Gardens of Imagination will include Fantasia Carousel, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, live entertainmet, and “Ignite the Dream, a Nighttime Spectacular of Magic and Light” fireworks as well as a parade called “Mickey’s Storybook Express.”

.Tomorrowland will feature two main attractions, TRON Lightcycle Power Run and Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue.

.Adventure Isle is a new take on Adventureland, featuring the Roaring Mountain, Camp Discovery, Soaring over the Horizon, and Roaring Rapids which will feature a massive alligator-like creature.

.Fantasyland will feature Enchanted Storybook Castle, Voyage to the Crystal Grotto, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Peter Pan’s Flight rides as well as a chance to wander the Hundred Acre Wood with Winnie the Pooh and explore a Wonderland maze.

.Treasure Cove will be an entire land themed to Pirates of the Caribbean, including the new hightech Battle of Sunken Treasure ride. Also included in the land will be a chance to board a pirate ship, boat on Explorer Canoes, and eat at Barbossa’s Bounty.

There’s also gonna be spots based on Star Wars & Marvel..so this is a heads up 4 U fans of Star Wars or Marvel out there in this world. 🙂

Besides the park there’s gonna be 2 new hotels called the Shanghai Disney Hotel & a WHOLE hotel themed 2 the ‘Toy Story’ franchise!! I KNEW THEY WERE DOING SOMETHING ELSE W/ TOY STORY!! 1st they announced a 4th movie in the franchise and now..the movie is becoming a brand new hotel!!

Finally, I wanted to talk about a place in this resort called ‘Disney Town’ which is basically the same thing as ‘Downtown Disney’ in Orlando, the only difference is that this place is gonna premiere the first ever Mandarin production of the Broadway hit Disney’s THE LION KING!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 OMG!! IF THERE IS A CHINESE LION KING SHOW..I AM SO GOING THERE!!!!!!!


PLZ let me know in the comments on what U think on the new Disney Resort their building in China!!shanghai-disneyland




Months passed by with out any incidents and as the  time went on by, Kovu and Kiara watched proudly as Amara, Jabari and Imani grew from fuzzy and adorable little babies into healthy and playful young cubs.

One day, as the early morning sun began to rise above the African landscape and Imani was the first to wake up. She happily jumped in between her aunt, uncle, grandparents and cousins, to the rock where her rest of her family slept and started to try to wake up Amara and Jabari.

“Amara! Jabari! wake up!” she laughed, poking Amara’s side with her front paws.

“C’mon guys!” she groaned. “….Dad and Grandpa promised to show us the whole kingdom!”

Amara and Jabari groaned a bit, but didn’t move. Imani looked at her sleeping siblings from head to tail and she noticed that one of Jabari’s hindlegs laying off to the side with the bottom of his paw up and Amara’s left ear twitching from time to time.

With a grin, Imani began to lick Jabari’s paw and chew on Amara’s twitching ear to tickle them. And it worked.

“Ha, ha, stop it Imani!” Jabari cried.

“Were awake, ha, ha, stop it!” Amara giggled.

Imani and Amara helped Jabari up on his all four paws.

The three cubs turned to hear their father get up.

*yawn* Good morning kids.” Kovu said, yawing and getting up on his paws.

“Mornin’ Dad!” Jabari smiled. “You guys promised to show us the whole kingdom!”

Kovu chuckled.

“Alright, alright…I’ll wake up Simba and we’ll go.”

The three cubs cheered and raced outside of the cave to look down across the Pridelands.

The sun began to stretch across the landscapes of the savannah.

Soon, Kovu & Simba walked step out of the cave. Through the years, Kovu’s mane grew up to an inch and a half long and Simba’s red mane remained the same, but it was starting to show a bit of gray hairs in it.

“Morning kids..” Simba greeted. “..Ready to go?”

“Yeah Grandpa!” Amara exclaimed.

Simba nodded as he and Kovu started to walk up to the top of Pride Rock.

“Hey guys!” three voices called out.

Those voices belonged to their cousins Sokka, Tamira, and Zuri who they two also grew into cubs.

“Hey guys, wanna come with us?” Imani asked.

“Sure!” Tamira said.

“Yeah! Let’s go!” Sokka exclaimed.

“C’mon!” Zuri cheered.

“Wait up guys!”

The six cubs turned to see another cub run up towards them.

His fur was a golden-brown color with a large red tuff of hair on his head. A paw print birthmark was splattered on his right shoulder and spots were all over his ankles. His eyes were fiery orange color.

“Morning Dad! Morning Kovu! Can I come too?” he asked Simba.

“Of course Kion! The more the merrier!” Simba said.

“YEAH!”  Kion exclaimed.

With that all the cubs all walked up to the top of Pride Rock and the view lit up the cubs eyes.

“Look closely cubs, everything that the light touches is our entire kingdom.” Simba said.

“Wow!” the cubs said in unison.

“A king’s time as ruler rises and falls like the son does in the sky. One day cubs, the sun will set on my time here and will rise with Kovu as the new king.” Simba said.

“..And this will all be yours daddy?” Imani asked Kovu.

“Yep.Everything.” said Kovu.

“Everything the  light touches…” Sokka and Kion awed.

Tamira looked all around the landscape. She then spotted a rip-rap canyon to the north side of the savannah.

“Wait…What about that shadowy place?” Tamira asked.

“Those are the outlands. You cubs must never go there.” Simba warned.

“But we always thought a king or a queen gotten a chance to do what ever he or she wants.” Amara said.

“Oh, there’s a lot more to being king or queen than getting their own way all the time.” Simba said, starting back down the rock.

“Really?” Zuri asked.

Imani was awed.

“There’s more?”

Kovu chuckled.


Simba, Kovu and the cubs were now walking across the savannah.

“You see, everything that your looking at right now exists in a delicate balance. As rulers of the Pridelands, you all need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures–from the smallest crawing ant to the largest leaping antelope.”

“But grandpa don’t we eat the antelope?” Jabari asked.

“Yes, we do Jabari but let me explain something to you. When we all die, our bodies become the grass and the antelope eat the grass.” Simba said, as they looked around the open savannah. “And so, we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.”

To Be Continued…

The Lion King 4: A New Generation Chapter 1





* THERE IS LIFE from ‘Bambi 2’ play’s in background*

A year had passed since Zira’s reign of terror ended.

The Outlanders was accepted into the Pridelands with open paws.

Kiara had been married with the former rouge Kovu while his sister Vitani was married with a rouge named Kali.

During that time, Kiara and Kovu had became proud parents to not one,  but three beautiful cubs; Amara, Jabari & Imani.

Amara was the oldest and probably the most headstrong cub to pride had seen in a long time. She had her mother’s light peach fur coat and her father’s emerald eyes.

Jabari was the middle child, he had his mother’s spirit and was a bit playful and VERY kind.He had his father’s anburn brown fur coat with black spots on his head and legs, a messy hair tuff and his mother’s deep crimson  eyes.

Little Imani was the youngest of the bunch. She had her father’s spirit and gained a sense of adventure like her mother had. She had a tan fur coat like her aunt Vitani had, a hair tuff similar to Simba’s only it was a little wider and had her father’s green eyes, however, instead of deep emerald eyes like Kovu’s, she stuck with a pair of light green ones.

After Kiara’s cubs were born, Vitani and Kali were next to the parents to two healthy cubs, an eldest girl named Tamira & a boy named Sokka.

Tamira had her mother’s coat , a brown tail tuff, white paws, white underbelly and white muzzle. Her eye color was the same as her fathers, which was a beautiful reddish-brown color.

Sokka on the other hand had his father’s coat on his face and a reddish-tan hair tuff on his head, bobs of the tuff on his ears and legs while he had tan paws, muzzle and under belly. Sokka was also born with Vitani’s bright blue eyes.

Many months later, Nala had a surprise birth while out hunting. Many hours of labor passed for the queen and as the sun went down on the Pridelands, Nala had given birth to Kiara’s sibling and Simba’s 2nd cub, a beautiful baby boy in which they named Kion.

He was born with all of Simba’s features including a golden brown coat, a forming red hair tuff and fiery orange eyes.

Not long after Kion was born, Simba’s friend Tama had married her mate, a rouge lion named Erevu and they had a daughter which they named Zuri. She had Tama’s spirit and had her father’s appearance of a sunshine yellow pelt, five dots underneath her right eye and big shiny cyan blue eyes.

And as these cubs were born, the circle kept turning and going on…

To Be Continued…

TMNT 2012: For the Love of a Turtle

Hey Guys,

2day I’m going to share with you a few things 4  a new TMNT story called ‘For the Love of a Turtle’.

Plot: After being ambushed by Purple Dragons, a girl named Alex befriends the turtles & Splinter and creates a personal connection with a certain orange masked turtle.*Takes place in the 2012 Version of TMNT*


Featuring the Voices of


Seth Green-Leonardo

Sean Austin-Raphael

Rob Paulsen-Donatello

Greg Cipes-Michelangelo

Mae Whiteman-April O’Neil

Josh Peck-Casey Jones

Hoon Lee-Master Splinter

Tara Strong-Alexandra*Alex*

Jodie Sweetin-Rebecca*Becky*

Micthel Musso- Jonah Parkins

Kevin Michael Richerson-Shredder

Kelly Hu-Karai

Eric Bauza-Tiger Claw/Hun

Clancy Brown-Rahzar

Christian Lanz-Fishface

Phil Lamarr-Baxter Stockman

J.B Smooth-Bebop

Fred Tatasciore-Rocksteady

Andrew Kishino-Fong/Sid

James Sie-Tsoi


Songs Include


Come and Get Your Love-RedBone

I Love You too Much-The Book of Life

Fade Away-Teen Titans GO!

Can You Feel the Love Tonight-Festival of The Lion King

Love is an Open Door-Frozen

The Prayer-Quest for Camelot

My Heart will go On-Titanic

Someday-Hunchback of Notre Dame

Love Will Find a Way-The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride


If U R wondering who’s Alexandra(Alex 4 short), read on 2 find out…


Alex G. Patron


Gender: Female


Age: 15


Skin Color: Tan


Hair Color: Reddish-Brown


Eye Color: Teal


Voiced By: Tara Strong


Friend(s): Leo, Donnie, Raph, Mikey*LOVE INTREST*, April*BEST FRIEND*, Casey, Splinter, Jonah*FORMER LOVE INTREST*


Enemies: Shredder, Karai, Rahzar, Fishface, Tiger Claw, Stockman, Bebop, Rocksteady, Purple Dragons

Physical Appearance: Alex is a 15 year old girl with tan colored and freckle splattered skin and slightly curly reddish-brown hair with a few hints of blonde in it. Her teal colored eyes shone like the stars in the night sky.


Her daily clothing consists of a violet colored short sleeved V-neck shirt covered by a turquoise colored jacket with a tie-die colored peace sign patch on the right jacket pocket. She wears long jeans, tie-die animal print socks and ‘Disney Authentic Little Mermaid Vans’ shoes. At school she carries along a dark purple backpack with colorful Indian patterns and a ‘Princess Jasmine’ backpack chain that hangs on the lower zipper of her backpack.


Her school dance outfit is a skater dress that is themed to the Disney movie ‘Aladdin’, her hair is in a braid supported by a red hair scrunchie and a blue flower hair clip is on the left side of her hair and on her feet are a pair of midnight purple flats.


Her evening patrol outfit is a bomber jacket themed to the Evil Queen from ‘Snow White’, black leggings, black walking boots and a leather brown belt consisting of her weapons(which are Butterfly Knifes).She also carries her Indian pattered backpack.


Her bedtime outfit is an NYC Legging PJ Set that she got from the store ‘Justice’, on her feet are a pair of fuzzy purple socks and her hair is in a long pony-tail supported by an orange hair scrunchie. Sometimes she is seen wearing a butterfly-print knit bed robe and on her feet are a pair of Emoji slippers which she also got from the store ‘Justice’.


Backstory: Alex was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Her father worked as an author, her mother worked as a doctor and her older sister Carmen left for college when she was 7 years old, so she stuck up as being an only child. Life was great for Alex and her family until her father’s company was closing down and they had to move to New York City where her great aunt, great uncle and her cousin Becky lived. Alex lived in a new apartment and went to a different school. Alex thought she would never make friends in her new school until she met a girl named April O’Neil and the two became the best of friends and they’d hang out together every day to talk about stuff, do their homework, share secrets and go out to movies. Since then, life was great for Alex, she had great friends, great school and a great home. Unfortunately, life was always not fair. One night, when she was coming home from April’s apartment when she got a call from Becky, she heard her cousin’s shaky voice saying that both of her parents died in a car crash caused by a drunk driver. When she got the news, Alex felt awful and went on to live with her cousin and her great aunt and uncle. After her parents death and living with her cousin, she thought life would be better
but she was wrong. On the anniversary of her parents death, a bunch of robot ninjas and street goons started a fire on Alex’s great aunt’s house, Alex fought through the flames to save her relatives. Becky survived the fire but her great aunt and uncle did not make it through the flames, both girls were devastated. Becky went to live at her older sister’s apartment back in Georgia and Alex was left on the streets as an orphan.


Personality: She is a perky, fun-loving girl who’s always looking for a good time. She’s kind, generous and always looking to help others before herself. She tries her best in school and goes to the same classes as April does.


Family: Kayla Patron(Mother)*DECEASED*, Thomas Patron(Father)*DECEASED*, Pam Patron(Great Aunt)*DECEASED*, Gary Patron(Great Uncle)*DECEASED*, Becky Thomas(Cousin), Carmen Patron(Older Sister), Douglass ‘Dug’ Patron(Pet Golden Retriever)


Likes: Disney Movies, drawing, having fun, chocolate, animals*especially baby ones*, turtles, Disney broadway shows, music, dancing, unique outfits, friends, Michelangelo, Jonah*FORMELY*, ‘The Book of Life’ movie.


Dislikes: Veggies, clowns, scary movies, Spongebob, shopping, bullies, being treated differently, Jonah, dumb movies & dumb TV shows, bugs, lizards, spiders.

The Lion King 4: A New Generation Characters

Hey Guys,

Here R the characters that will be appearing in ‘The Lion King 4: A New Generation’


Simba-King of Pride Rock

Nala-Queen of Pride Rock

Kiara-Simba’s Daughter

Kovu-Kiara’s Mate

Timon-Childhood Friend of Simba

Pumbaa-Childhood Friend of Simba

Rafiki-Wise Old Mandril

Zazu-Simba’s Major Domo

Vitani-Kovu’s Sister

Kali-Vitani’s Mate

Tama-Simba’s Friend, Zuri’s Mother

Erevu-Tama’s Mate, Zuri’s Father

Amara-Eldest Daughter of Kovu & Kiara

Jabari-Middle Son of Kovu & Kiara

Imani-Youngest Daughter of Kovu & Kiara

Sokka-Son of Vitani & Kali

Tamira-Daughter of Vitani & Kali

Kion-Simba’s Son

Zuri-Kion’s Best Friend

Krooger-The Main Antagonist

Ishara-Son of Krooger

Ellie-Daughter of Krooger

Kai, Kamara & Kahali-The Red Dogs, Krooger’s Minions

The Lion King 4: A New Generation Plot

Hey Guys,

Here’s the plot 4 ‘The Lion King: A New Generation’



-Kiara has cubs


-Simba & Kovu gives cubs lesson on Pridelands

-Cubs  discover outlands

-Imani meets up with Ishara

-Chased by Red Dogs

-Parents & Krooger show up

-Scolding & Stargazing

-Krooger forms a plan

-Ambushed by Red Dogs

-Kovu & Simba fight Krooger

-Simba is killed during fight

-Funeral takes place 4 Simba

-Kovu tells Kion about Simba’s death

-Cub’s grow into young adults

-Imani meets Ishara again

-2nd ambush by Krooger

-Ishara’s exile

-Imani & Ishara fall in love

-Fight with Krooger

-Krooger’s death

-Outlander’s become Pridelanders

-Kovu & Kiara become king and queen

-Imani gives birth to her own cub

-Imani names the baby Simba Jr.


-‘There is Life’-Bambi 2

-‘My Lullaby’-Lion King 2

-‘Through my Eyes’-Brother Bear

-“Rafiki Mourns’-Lion King Broadway

-‘No Way Out’ Brother Bear

-‘Not One of Us’-Lion King 2

-‘Love Will Find a Way’-Lion King 2

-‘King of Pride Rock’-Lion King

The Lion King 4: A New Generation (Cub’s Finally Picked)

Hey Guys,

I’ve finally picked the cub’s that U all chose to be in my new comic ‘The Lion King 4: A New Generation’

and the winners R….


Amara ,Jabari & Imani-Daughters & Son of Kovu & Kiara!!!


Thank U all so much 4 helping me chose the star…or in this case STARS of the show and now…I can’t wait 2 get started on this comic and trust me….it will be an interesting story 4 U all to read.



Amara-Light Peach fur, white muzzle, underbelly & paws, emerald eyes.

Jabari-Anburn fur, black ear rims, black spots on head & legs, cream colored muzzle, underbelly & paws, ruby eyes.

Imani-Tan fur, white muzzle, underbelly & paws, hair tuff smaller than the large hair tuff that Vitani has, light green eyes.

FROZEN: Anna & Kristoff have a…

Hey Guys,

I’ve been reading a lot of your comments & votes on the post I made about Anna & Kristoff’s son/daughter and it finally came to mind on what the gender will be.

Also, I’m gonna be writing a mini series based on the previous post I made.

So, as of today..July 4th 2015, it was decided that in my*first*Frozen story, the first chapter will show Anna having a bouncing baby….BOY!!!

Thank U all so much 4 voting and I’m willing to do another vote like this sometime in the future!!

And until the story is written, here’s a little more on the new prince that will appear in the Frozen story!


Anna and Kristoff’s Son

Prince Anderson(AKA: Andy)of Arendelle

Age: 7


Anna’s Strawberry Blonde Hair with a mix of Kristoff’s Dirty Blond Hair and Anna’s Freckles.

Anna’s Ocean Blue Eyes

His trademark clothing is mostly foam green or teal with gold lining, trim or detail.Prince Anderson of Arendelle


Hey Guys,

It’s that time of the day again..another edition of ‘Jessie’s Mind Question of the Week!’

So this week’s question is…

‘Which is your favorite turtle & villain(s)on the Nickelodeon version of Teenage Mitant Ninja Turtles?’

U answer like this:


‘Favorite Turtle: Donatello’


‘Favorite Villan: Tiger Claw’

PLZ answer in the comments and have a nice day!