TMNT ‘Where would U Time Travel’ quiz results!

Hey guys,

I just took a new TMNT quiz on based on which period in time where I would like to time travel.

And my time travel destination is *drumroll* The Renaissance!

A time where art evolved and was discovered in many new ways!


THE TURTLE OF NOTRE DAME (A Parody to Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

The Turtle of Notre Dame(A Parody 2 Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame)


  • The Cast


  • Quasimodo- Donatello (TMNT)
  • Esmeralda-Rapunzel(Tangled)
  • Frollo- Xibalba (The Book of Life)
  • Captain Phoebus-Flynn Rider(Tangled)
  • Clopin- Genie (Aladdin)
  • Victor- Yakko Warner (Animaniacs)
  • Hugo- Wakko Warner(Animaniacs)
  • Laverne- Dot Warner (Animaniacs)
  • The Archdeacon- Splinter (TMNT 2012)
  • Achilles- Angus(Brave)
  • Djali- Kion (The Lion Guard)
  • Guard Leader(s)- Bebop & Rocksteady (TMNT 2012)
  • Torturer- Makunga (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa)
  • Quasimodo’s Mother- Maria(Book of Life)
  • Gypsies in Beginning of film-Various Characters
  • Bird with Quasimodo- Woodstock(Peanuts)
  • Miller- Akela (Jungle Cubs)




  • Narrator: Coming Soon, from Jessie’s Mind Productions
  • Genie: Up there, high, high in the dark bell tower, lives the mysterious bell ringer,
  • Donatello: Good morning,
  • Woodstock: Tweet tweet,
  • Donatello: If I picked a day to fly,
  • Woodstock: Tweet tweet tweet,
  • Donatello: Oh, this would be it,
  • Wakko Warner: Oh, man! I thought he’d never leave! I’ll be spitting feathers out for a week!
  • Yakko Warner: Well that’s what you get for sleeping with your mouth open.
  • Narrator: He live a salutary life, Behind stonewalls,
  • Xibalba: Remember Donatello,
  • Donatello: Yes, master.
  • Xibalba: This is your sanctuary.
  • Genie: (singing) There it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for
  • Narrator: Outside, was a world he had only dreamed of.
  • Xibalba: Look at that disgusting display
  • Flynn Rider: Yes sir
  • Narrator: Until he met Rapunzel.
  • Rapunzel: Well, You’re not hurt are you?
  • Donatello: No, No!
  • Rapunzel: By the way, great mask.
  • Narrator: The woman who whould open his eyes… To adventures he never imagined.
  • Dot Warner: Look, he’s got a friend with him.
  • Rapunzel: Leave this place.
  • Xibalba: You don’t know what it’s like out there.
  • Dot Warner: Nobody wants to stay cooped up here forever.
  • Rapunzel: Come with me.
  • Donatello: You’re right. I’ll go.
  • Wakko Warner: Way to go, lover boy! (singing) A guys so swell.
  • Yakko and Dot Warner (singing): A guy like you!
  • Narrator: Coming Soon, share the feeling.
  • Wakko Warner: Wine, woman and songs.
  • Narrator: Join the fun.
  • Chorus (singing): Topsy-Tursy!
  • Wakko Warner: Pour the wine them cut the cheese.
  • Chrous (singing): Topsy-Tursy!
  • Flynn Rider: Sit.
  • Bebop: Whoa!
  • Rocksteady: Come back here, gypsy!
  • Narrator: And live the adventure.
  • Flynn Rider: What a woman!
  • Xibalba: Arrest her.
  • Donatello: Noooo!
  • Xibalba: How dare you defy me.
  • Donatello: Hang on!
  • Wakko Warner: I think the cavalary is here.
  • (screaming)
  • Narrator: Jessie’s Mind Productions presents an all-new animated motion picture event.
  • (all choir singing)
  • Narrator: The story of one extraordinary of human being.
  • Flynn Rider: She’s very lucky to have a friend like you.
  • Narrator: Discovery the magic… (Bang) Within himself. The Turtle of Notre Dame. Coming Soon.





The seven cubs laughed there way across the Pridelands as they made there escape.

“All right! We did it!” Amara exclaimed. “It worked!”

Imani giggled.

*giggle* We lost ’em!”

Tamira turned to the left and spotted the border to the Outlands.

“I think we’re almost there!” she said.

“We’d better be! After running all the way over here, my paws are killing me!” Kion panted.

“Mine to.” Sokka said.

“I’m with these guys.” Zuri said.

*pant* *breath* *wheeze*

The others turned to Jabari, who just got a chance to keep up.

“You okay Jabi?” Imani asked her brother.

*pant* Y-Yeah! I-I *pant* J-Just needed a chance to *wheeze* to catch up..”

A sly grin stretched across Sokka’s face.

“What’s the matter cousin? Worn out after running all day?” he asked playfully as he giggled.

“S-Shut up Sokka!” Jabari exclaimed. “I just needed to catch up is all!”

“Ooooh! Jabari!” Sokka taunted.”Future King exhausted from just running a block! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!”

He ran around like crazy.

“Hey, Sokka , uh-cool it, bud!” Jabari said cautiously.

“C’mon! Let’s see the big bad future king in action!” Sokka said as he got in a pouncing position, his tail flickering playfully.

“Hey! Hey Sokka! I think I see a wildebeest over there!” Jabari said as he pointed to the left.

Sokka then looked away from him. But suddenly….


Jabari playfully pounced on Sokka, starting up a wrestling match while having Zuri, Amara, and Imani caught in the match.

“Oh, boy!” Kion said excitedly. “A cub pile!”

And with that, he then jumped onto Jabari, Sokka, Amara, Zuri, and Imani.

Tamira rolled her reddish-brown eyes.

“Oh what a bunch of overgrown-” Tamira complained before Kion kicked her in the head by accident. “OW! alright! that tears it! C’mere!” she then yelled, furiously.

Then, all the cubs then got involved in the fight.

As they fought and wrestled, the cubs they tussled, rolling down a short hill. The fight ended when Zuri pined Kion down to the floor with a loud thump hitting the ground.

“HA! Pinned ya!” Zuri said.

“Owowowowowowow! OK! OK! Let me up!” Kion.

Zuri trotted away to Amara, Imani, and Tamira, humming a tune in victory.

“Girls rule!” Zuri taunted.

Jabari stuck his tongue at his cousin.

A geyser makes a loud noise nearby, ejecting steam, which caused the cubs to gasp and jumped with fear.

The seven looked around  there surroundings.

The Outlands had a reddish-orange sky and was filled with termite mounds.

“This is it.” Imani said. “We made it.”

The seven cubs looked over the edge of the ledge they were on. A large cave was nearby and they looked over the other side of the cave.

Woah!” they all said in awe.

On the other side of the Outlands was a graveyard filled with elephant skulls and bones.

“It’s really creepy..” Zuri whispered.

“Yeah….” Imani said. “Isn’t it great?”

Tamira snorted.

“We could get in BIG trouble!” she said, relishing her naughtiness.

“I know!” Sokka laughed, enjoying the sight also.

The cubs then turned to a cave.

“Hey guys! Check that out!” Jabari said.

“I wonder if an outlanders brains are still in there.” Kion said.

“I doubt it!” Amara scoffed.

“There’s only one way to know..” Imani said, walking towards the cave. “C’mon, let’s go check it out!”

Imani walked towards the mouth of the cave.


Another cub  suddenly jumped right in front of them, emitting a loud growl, causing Imani and the others to back off.

This cub had a dandelion fur coat, a brown hair tuff on his head, and bits of the hair tuff on the top of his ears. His eyes were a dark orange color.

“Who are you Pride Landers?” he asked.

Imani does not answer, but keeps jumping from side to side,  facing the outlander cub at all times. The cub kept growling menacingly, but eventually his curiosity got the better of him.

“What are you doing?” he asked Imani.

“I could ask you the same thing!” Kion said, growing and jumping in front of the cub.

“Woah! Whoa! Whoa! Hey, easy there pal!” The cub said, slowly backing off. “Look! I don’t want any trouble!”

“My father says to never listen to an outsider!” Imani  said, angrily.

The rouge cub smirked.

“You always do what daddy says?” the cub taunted.

“NO!” Jabari shouted, stepping in front of his younger sister. “She doesn’t! Now back off and get away from us!”

“I bet ya do!” the cub smirked. “I bet your daddy’s little girl!”

The dandelion coated cub laughed at Imani and moved away, hopping on bones across to the graveyard.

“A rouge like me doesn’t need anybody for support! I can take care of my self!” the cub bragged.

The cubs were awed and started following him across to the graveyard.

“Really?” Sokka said. “COOL!”

“I know.” The cub said, slyly.

Amara looked around the graveyard and began to feel un-easy.

“Uh…guys…we should maybe head back before it gets dark.” she said.

“Oh PLEASE!” Jabari said, rolling his crimson eyes. “Were in the safety paws of a professional rouge here! There’s nothing to worry about!”

Zuri and Tamira walked towards Amara.

“No guys! I think she has a point! We’re way beyond the boundary of the Pride Lands .” Tamira said in worry.

“Yeah, and besides..” Zuri said. “If we don’t get back right now! We’re all gonna be in some very real trouble!”

The rouge cub doubted the worry for trouble very much.

“Trouble? hah! I walk and live on the wild side. I LAUGH in the face of trouble. HA HA HA HA!”

Following the rouge cub’s confident laughter, the cub’s hear more laughing from inside the skull. The rouge cub runs back and hides behind the others. Then, three red dogs had emerged from the skull’s eyes and mouth.

The first red dog was a female with a skinny body, scarlet red fur, and bright purple eyes.

The second red dog was a male with a more bulkier body than the female, blood red fur, and bright golden eyes.

The third, and final red dog was also was a male with a fat body, rusty red fur, a small notch in his left ear, and bright forest green eyes.

The red dogs circled around the cubs.

“Well, well, well, looks like the gathering has just begun eh Kai?” the female red dog joked.

“Right you are Kamara.” Kai replied. “What’da you think Kahali?”

Kahali chuckled evilly.

“Your right about that guys!”

Kai laughed.

“Yeah, and it’s just what I was thinking, a couple of trespassers!”

“Uh, look…w-we don’t want any trouble…” Zuri said.

“Y-Yeah *chuckle* w-we were just o-on our way so…uh-”

Kai held down Sokka’s tail with his right front paw.

The red dogs crowded around Sokka, laughing menacingly.

“H-HEY! Let me go will ya?! At least have the decency to treat us with some respect!”

“RED DOGS!” Kion shouted. “Leave Sokka alone! Pick on somebody your own size!”

“Well, you want the lion cub?” Kamara laughed. “Come and get ‘im.”

“LET HIM GO!” Kion shouted, stomping his paw in anger. “You red dogs don’t want any trouble with my dad!”

“OH! Like how you’d get into trouble if he found out that you guys came into the outlands!” Kai taunted.

“U-Uh Kion..” Sokka called.

“He’s to afraid to come over here..” Kahali taunted.

Kai laughed.


The two male red dogs then taunted ‘Fraidy Cat!’ in sing-song voices.

Kion looked down in anger and embarrassment.

Amara turned to Kion.

“Don’t listen to them!” Amara said, placing a paw on Kion’s shoulder.

“Yeah Kion! You know that’s not true.” Zuri said.

Tamira then got all defensive, unleashing her claws and digging them into the dirt along with a growl.

“Hey! Knock it off and leave him alone!” she shouted.

“Yeah!” Imani said, stepping next to Tamira. “What she said!”

Kamara rolled her eyes at her partners.

“ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! You two!” Kamara shouted. “Fun’s over! Kahali needs his lunch!”

Kamara smiled wickedly.

Sokka gulped.

“Lunch?!?” he whimpered.

The other cubs gasped.

“You my friend are gonna taste SOOO GOOOD!” Kamara said, slowly coming closer to Sokka, her claws looked ready to strike.

“C’mon kiddo! Let’s eat!”

Kamara raised her paw up.

Sokka’s blue eyes widened with fear.

Kamara was going to land the first blow on Sokka.




Both Kai and Kamara yelled in pain, their eyes going wide.

The reason; both Jabari and Kion bit their left hind legs in order for Sokka to escape in the red dog’s clutches.

Sokka scampered away from the red dogs and towards his cousins.

The red dogs became enraged and began to run towards the cubs.

Imani turned and screamed in fear.

“RUN!” she screamed.

The other cubs scampered away.

“Quick! follow me!” the rouge cub said, starting the trail to safety.

The cubs turned and began to follow the rouge cub; with the red dogs in hot pursuit.

The red dogs chase the cubs up and over a skull and the cubs slip away by sliding down the spine. They shoot off the end of the spine and land on a hillside of bones.

As the others reached the top, Amara noticed that someone was missing.

“Wait..”  she tensely thought.

Where was Imani?


Amara turned around and was horrified to see Imani slipping back down the pile.


Amara ran bravely back and clawed Kamara across the cheek, drawing blood and distracting her while Imani escaped.

The cubs narrowly escape, now leaping from rock to rock across as they were approaching a river and out of the reach of the red dog’s jaws.

The cubs rest on unmoving “stones” further down.

*giggle* That was a close one.” Jabari said, wipping the sweat off of his forehead with his paw.

Tamira puffed a breath of air out.

“No doubt about that!” she said.

“Yeah!” Imani giggled.

The stones the cubs were sitting on rise up and reveal themselves as crocodile heads.

The cubs gasped.

“CROCODILES!!!” Jabari, Sokka, and Kion shouted in panic.

Imani runs up a tree limb while the others jumped across the log and up to a slope, getting out of reach; however, back down on the river, the rouge cub ran past her, leaping from crocodile to crocodile down the river.

Imani began to look worried.

“Hey…what about me?”

“I’ll distract them!” the rouge cub called out. “RUN!”

The rouge cub slips off the last crocodile into the water; as he comes up, gasping for air, the crocodiles loom over him.

Imani turned to the rouge cub after swiping at a crocodile from her branch.

“LOOK OUT!”  she called.

The rouge cub is paralyzed by fright; the gaping mouth in front of him is suddenly clamped shut by Imani leaping on top of it.

“MOVE IT!” Imani cried.

The two cubs scramble up a branch and up onto the bank, out of reach of danger and join the other cubs.

From the top, the eight cubs rested for a few moments, then move back to look over the edge.

The crocodiles are massing below, furious at being cheated of their meal.

“We did it…WE DID IT!”

Imani blew a raspberry at the crocodiles below.

“We sure did!” Zuri remarked.

“HA!” the rouge cub laughed.

The others all cheered for their victory.

The cubs moved back from the edge and began to recount their adventure.

“Woah, man–did you all see the size of all those teeth?!? “Jabari said, excitedly.

*giggle* Yeah!” Kion giggled.

“I know right!?, they were all going like ‘Rrrarrarrarr’!”

Tamira rolled over on her back and laughed.

“And those red dogs were just totally eatin’ ya up right there!” Amara giggled.

“What about when I jumped on that other crocodiles head? That was pretty good!” Zuri said.

“Yeah! And I bobbed him SO good!” Sokka bragged.

Little did the eight cubs know, that crouching down in the grass was another lion that came from the outlands, crouching down in the grass some distance away.

His fur was a dark timber wolf gray color, his mane black as the night sky, his eyes were the color of blood.


“Y’know…we make such a good team!” Imani said. “…And you…you were really brave.”

The rouge cub smiled with pride over the compliment.

‘No ones ever said that to me before!’ he thought.

“Yeah…You were pretty brave yourself for coming down here.” the rouge cub said.

Imani smiled at him.

“My name’s Ishara.” he introduced.

Imani giggled.

“I’m Imani.”

Imani crouched down playfully, waving her tail; she reached her paw out and batted him.

The others just watched her.

“TAG! Your it!” she cried to him.

Imani jumped back, laughing; instead of chasing, Ishara just looked at her silently.

Imani tried again.

“TAG! Your it! Your it!” she cried to him again, laughing.

Still there was no response; Ishara just stared at her.

“Ummm…Hello? You run, I tag…get the fact jack?” Imani asked.

Ishara was still confused.

“Maybe he doesn’t know how to play Imani…” Amara said to her.

Imani turned to Ishara, who was still confused.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you know how to play this game?” she asked him.

Getting an idea, Imani crouched down and goes back to playing Ishara’s style, with bared teeth and growls.

Amara, Jabari, Tamira, Zuri, Sokka, and Kion do the same thing to.

Ishara gets the idea and mock-growls back at them.

But suddenly he finds himself growling at an adult lion leg.


It was Kovu.

The an-burn brown lion roared, and the other rouge lion jumped out of the grass and roars back at him.

“Krooger…” Kovu snarled.

“Kovu…” Krooger snarled back.

Simba, Nala, Kiara, Tama, Erevu, Vitani, Kali, Zazu, Timon, and Pumbaa  arrive behind Kovu, with other lionesses.

“Kiara…” Krooger greeted darkly.

“Krooger…” Kiara said.

“Simba, Nala..”

“Timon, Pumbaa. Great. Now that we all know each other…GET OUTTA OUR PRIDELANDS!” Timon shouted.

Your Pride lands?!?” Krooger snarled.

Krooger snarled, making Timon leap backwards over Pumbaa’s head in fear.

“These lands should’ve belonged to Zira AND Scar!” he said.

“I’ve banished you from the pride lands years ago.” Simba said. “Now you and your young GET OUT!”

Ishara and the pride lander cubs cowered in fear.

“Oh…haven’t you met my little son Ishara?” Krooger asked evilly. “He was christened by my dear friend Zira, to follow in the paw prints of my allies and become king!”

Kovu growled at Ishara who began shaking in fear at the sight of both lions.

“Pbbb! That’s no king!” Timon laughed. “That’s a fuzzy maraca!”

“Ishara and his sister were the last cubs of our kind born, before Simba exiled us rouge’s to the outlands.”

Krooger then acted all pity towards Simba and Kovu.

“…Where we have, little food…and less water…”

Neither Simba or Kovu gave in.

“You know the penalty for returning to the Pridelands…” Simba growled.

“But my children do not!” Krooger yelled. “However…If you need your pound of flesh…Here.”

Krooger nudgds Ishara toward Kovu, daring him to show either ruthlessness or cowardice.

“Take him and get out…were finished here.”

Kovu picked up Imani in his teeth while Kiara got Amara and Jabari and picked them up with her teeth.

Krooger walks over to Kovu and looks down at a terrified Imani.

“Oh no Kovu…We’ve barely begun.”

He glared wickedly at the cubs, then turned and picked up Ishara in his jaws. He and Imani watch each other dangle as they move apart.

“Bye…” Imani whispered.

“Bye…” Ishara whispered back to Imani.

Kovu and the lionesses moved off over the ridge, back toward the Pride Lands, while Krooger took Ishara back to the Outlands.

Meanwhile, Zazu flew in front of Simba, giving him a “that’ll show ’em” nod… but then withers under Simba’s angry glare.

Kion approached his father with Zuri behind him.

“Dad I-” Kion started.

“You deliberately disobeyed me.” Simba growled.

Kion began to tremble.

“D-Dad I-I’m sorry…I-”

“Let’s go home.” Simba said sternly.

Tamira and Sokka walked off with Vitani, Tama, Erevu, and Kali.

They all start walking out of the outlands, Kion and Zuri bent down in shame.

“I thought you were very brave.” Zuri whispered to Kion.

To Be Continued….