EF Spring Break Vlog: Day 8

Day 8: Today was our last day in Europe so we made the best of it. We met up with our tour guide for the morning drive across Munich and we stopped at a palace where I got some pictures of a Swan. After that stop, we went to BMW World where I got a model of a car my dad wanted and I had a German pretzel for lunch. After BMW, we went to a Dachau concentration camp which freaked me out a lot because of all the deaths that happened there. So, after a cold, wet morning and afternoon, we had dinner at a brewery where we had sausages and potato salad. So, today was a fun, and cold day, & I can’t wait to fly home tommorow where I’ll see both my family and my bedroom once again. 

EF Spring Break Vlog: Day 7

Day 7: Today we said goodbye to Switzerland and said Hallo to Germany. We took a 5 to 6 hour bus drive and we took a pit stop in Austria where I went with Simon to see some chickens in another persons farm. After the pit stop we took a tour of the castle that Disney got insperation for the castle in Sleeping Beauty and it was absolutely beautiful, and the mile walk up to the castle was worth it to. Afterwards, we drove two hours to get to our hotel which looks very amazing and while the rest of our group went out to dinner, my grandmother and I ate at the hotel so we could get some sleep earlier. So, today was a long, cold, and exhausting day today. Tommorow, we’ll be our last day in Europe, so I’d better make the best of it. 

EF Spring Break Vlog: Day 6

Day 6: Today was so much better for me. Today we went down to the city and explored what Switzerland had to offer, I even got a bunch of souvenirs for me & the rest of my family at a near by gift shop. After lunch, we headed up to the mountains and walked around in the snow and the views from the cable car were amazing! I even took part of a snowball fight and walked inside the mountains caves. All in all, it was a great day and I even ate well so now I’m happy and full. It’s hard to believe that the trip is almost over and I have only two days left until I go back to good old Miami Beach (😄😄😄). Tommorow, he have an 8 hour long drive ahead of us to Munich, where we will make our last two days the most of them.

EF Spring Break Vlog: Day 5

Day 5: Today was a total bust for me. (😭😭😭😭😭)  This morning, I accidentally broke a plate which charged more, then, during the bus ride over to Switzerland, my parents called and said I used to much data on my phone and told me to turn of data roaming, finally, while having dinner at the hotel, I got really emotional (either it was homesickness, I’m really tired after going to bed late last night, or the altitude of the mountain the hotel was in) which caused my grandmother to get really mad at me and yell at me, so it wasn’t a good day for me. But on the bright side, we took a day off from walking and took a 10 hour relaxing bus ride to Switzerland and saw lots of amazing things while on the way, and when we got there, I saw gorgeous mountains which gave me insperation for my next painting I’m going to do once I get back to Miami. So it was both a good and a bad day for me, but I’m sure after a good nights sleep tonight, tommorow I’ll feel much better and back to my old self again.

EF Spring Break Vlog: Day 4

Day 4: Today was our last day in Paris so we made the best of it(by doing a lot of walking, lol). We saw lots of things like Notre Dame Cathedral and the Effiel Tower. It was also our first sunny day we’ve seen in Europe so far, so during the day it wasn’t as cold as we previously thought it would be. We want to the Lourve(home of the Mona Lisa), it was beautiful museum but it took us *what seemed like ages* to find the exit when it was time to leave, and after dinner, I chickened out about not going to the top of the Effiel Tower, so I stayed with my grandmother until the others came back, which took a while because the line to get down was long, so we ended up getting back at the hotel at 12 in the morning and we have to be out at 7 in the morning after breakfast(how crazy is that?!?😦😦😦). Anyway, today was both a long and exhausting day and tommorow we finally get a rest day during our 10 hour bus drive to Switzerland, and that’s good enough for me.

EF Spring Break Vlog: Day 3

Day 3: Today we left the great city of London and headed down to Paris, France. We took the train and arrived at the station at noon where we met our guide for the day. After a quick lunch, we went to the Versailles where we saw lots of beautiful rooms from the different kings that ruled in France’s past. During the tour, however, it had gotten very cold, so near the time we were supposed to get back on the bus, my grandmother took me to get some hot chocolate where I met one of the teachers and some of the kids in my group. After getting back on the nice, warm bus, we drove to the restaurant where we had dinner. During the drive, we spotted the Effiel Tower and I must say, it’s so much bigger in person than on a computer screen. After a dinner of an ‘all you can eat’ flames (a type of flatbread) we drove all the way to the hotel(which is the size of a closet) where we will be staying until Tuesday. To sum up, we had a busy yet exciting 1st day in Paris and I can’t wait to see all the sights tomorrow.

EF Spring Break Vlog: Day 2

Day 2: Today was our last day in London, so we made the best of it. We saw Buckingham Palace, Parlaiment Houses, & a beautiful park where I stopped for a bathroom break and got hot chocolate. After lunch, we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour which I think was the highlight of the day. We saw how they made the films and I got a Hedwing plush puppet that makes noise when you press a button on the wing. As the sun set, it was time to head out for dinner and before the trip, I made a vow to try Fish ‘N Chips when we went to London. I tried it and it was delishious! (& I don’t even like seafood) and the chips were amazing too. For dessert, we had some kind of apple pie type pastrie with white chocolate sauce on top and it was really good too. After dinner, some of the kids, the teachers, & Simon went shopping while the rest of us went back to the hotel to get ready for bed. So, long story short, we had a fun day. Tomorrow, we’re getting on the Eurostar Train service to get to Paris so we have to get up very early(😖😖😖😖).

EF Spring Break Vlog: Day 1

Day 1: We arrived in London at a few minutes before 9a.m this morning. After a long process of checking our passports and getting our bags, we met up with our tour guide. His name was Simon and he’s from the south of London. We boarded a bus that took us to our hotel to drop off our bags and after that, we went sight-seeing across London. We saw lots of old buildings and awesome street plazas for us to explore when we went out for lunch. After lunch, Simon showed us a bunch of streets and we even stopped to take photos of the old phone booths they had. Then, after many hours of walking, Simon lead us to a restaurant where we had a chicken meal for dinner and a hot brownie and vanilla ice cream for dessert, after dinner we all felt very tired so we decided to head back to the hotel for a good nights sleep since none of us slept well on the plane ride over here. All in all, it was a very good 1st day in London & I’m sure tomorrow will be even better.