The One That Fits Right In

The One That Fits Right In

Book 1: A New Life

Written by: Jessica Rechani

Chapter 1: About Me!


Hello! I’m Reagan! Sometimes I go by Rea and this is my diary! I call her Lockheart because it has a lock shaped like a heart (yes, I like to name some of my belongings like my camera, my tablet, my phone, yada yada yada). And it has occurred to me that I haven’t properly introduced myself; So, hello! I’m Reagan.

About Me

. I’m 5’3

. My birthday is May 13

. I’m a Taurus

. Year of the Monkey (2004)

. My favorite color is Red

. My absolute FAVORITE food is Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches!! 

. My favorite animals are Lambs

. Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (or Ocean for short)

. Hufflepuff

All that good stuff!

I was born into a very wealthy family. In case you haven’t noticed, I am the future heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Royaume in the French Riviera which means my parents are the king and queen.

I am the oldest and first-born child to my mom and dad, Queen Leah and King Greg. I also have two younger siblings, a brother named David, who’s twelve, and a little sister Emma, who’s five.

But enough about that, we’re talking about me!

And speaking of me, I have something very big to tell you all.

I have Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a form of Autism.

I was only two when I got diagnosed.

Now Asperger’s is, well uh, a quirk of some sort. There are a lot of things people call Asperger’s and Autism in general, but my mom and I love to call it a quirk. And this quirk causes a long list of things that are quote on quote wrong with me like me having fits, communication issues, talking to myself, sensitive ears, exetera exetera. I also do this thing called stimming when I’m stressed and other strange habits I’d rather not say.

Despite my diagnosis, my parents loved me just the way I was and wanted me to have the most fulfilling childhood for me and my siblings.

I lived in the French Rivera until a few months ago. The kingdom was “in trouble” as my dad had said, I don’t know why, because he then announced that we got a beautiful modern house in a city called Bloomington in a state called Minnesota, which is all the way in America. I was excited but at the same time upset. I was going to leave my old life and everything I’ve ever grown up with behind. I was a sobbing mess when we boarded the plane and said goodbye to the south of France but my parents cheered me up by talking about the house we were going to live in and the amazing school I was going to be attending but that still didn’t make me feel better.

All that changed when my father said I was going to be getting my own room and that I didn’t have to share with David anymore because he was sharing a room with Emma.


I waited in the huge car like a puppy to get into the large house and when I did, I fell in love for the first time. The room was huge and on top, it had a huge dome-shaped window and the bed was the size of two football fields!

The thing that made me nervous the most was me starting the public school for the first time since I was in a high elite private school for most of my life.

Would I learn to like everyone there? What would my teachers be like? Would everyone love to meet me? Who knows right?

Chapter 2: Rocky Beginnings

Reagan stared at the large white school building in front of her. It was her first day at the public high school and since she moved with her family, she already felt nervous.

Reagan’s face went pale, she felt like she was going to be sick, there were butterflies in her stomach. It was big, bigger than the palace she used to live in back in Southern France.

Was she really going to go in there? Well, she had no other choice.

She took a big deep breath and walked up the stairs to the main hall.

Reagan look at all the students bustling, talking, and laughing in the hallways. It was completely crowded! She couldn’t even walk without being squished in between one or two of the students.

She checked her schedule. The first thing she needed to do was find her locker.

It was locker 239.

Reagan adjusted her glasses once she managed to get out of the tsunami of students to find her locker. There were endless rows of tall dark green lockers. But which one was her’s?

As she passed by the students, she always remembered to say her “excuse me’s” or “pardon me’s” when she was trying to get through and remembered to say her “sorry’s” when she accidentally bumped into people.

Reagan was about to check the next row of lockers to find hers until-


The next thing Reagan knew, she was on the ground. Her backpack, books, and lunchbox were scattered on the ground. In front of her was another girl. She had short brown hair and sap colored eyes. Her skin was the color of what someone would look like if they had gotten a suntan. She also wore very expensive clothing, tall high heal like boots, and had layers and layers of foundation and makeup on her face.

Reagan gasped and said, “Oh geez. I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.” She pulled the other girl into her feet and picked up all her books and makeup. “Here. These belong to you, don’t they?”

“Don’t you dare touch those!” said the girl, snatching the belongings out of Reagan’s hands. “Don’t you know how much money all this makeup costs?!”

“…No.” Regan replied. “I-I don’t think we’ve officially met before during the orientation. I’m Reagan!”

Reagan smiled and held out her hand for the other girl to shake.

The girl looked at Reagan and looked at her hand and sneered in disgust.

Using a pencil, the girl moved Reagan’s hand away, “Oh yes. The new girl from, what was it, Royaume?? Southern France?”

“That’s right! Future Heir to the throne to!” replied Reagan. “So, what’s your name?”

The girl scoffed and replied, “You don’t know who I am?”

Reagan said, “No not really. That’s what I was trying to ask you.”

“My name is Harper. Harper Jane Cadigan Scott.” said the girl. “And these four girls make up my group. The one with the black hair is Marissa, the one with the gross looking flying pig thing on her shirt is Elle, the one who’s the brace face is Lorraine, and the one in the yellow which is a really disgusting color BTW, is known as Krystal.”

Reagan stared at them before saying, “Nice to meet ya.”

“So, now that you know this little group here, get outta my way.” said Harper, turning up her nose. “What are you even doing anyway?”

“Oh, um. I’m looking for my locker.” said Reagan, showing Harper her schedule. “It’s locker 239.”

“What?! You can’t have that locker!” said Harper.

“Why not? The school staff gave it to me so that means it’s mine for this year.” said Reagan.

“But that’s my locker!” said Harper. “Everyone knows that locker 239 is the biggest locker in the school! Well, everyone except you Four Eyes.”

“I know. That’s why they gave it to me.” said Reagan.

Harper growled and was ready to strangle Reagan, but Marissa stopped her and said, “Harper. We gotta go. Besides, I heard Kaiden was in our economics class.”

Harper gasped in delight, “Why didn’t you say so?! Let’s go!”

The other girls followed Harper down the hall, except for Loraine, who stayed behind to help Reagan find her locker and just like Harper had said, locker 239 was the biggest locker in the entire school.

Reagan wasted no time to get started organizing her brand-new locker.

“Shame.” Reagan said to herself. “This locker looks so dull. It would be nice to spice it up a bit.”

Then, Reagan had a wonderful, spectacular idea!

Tomorrow before school started, she would bring in the beautiful acrylic paints that she had gotten for her birthday back in the summer and paint her locker till her her hearts desire.

Reagan checked her schedule as she finished placing the new lock on the front.

A Day: Mon, Wed, Fri

1st Period-Art

3rd Period-US History

5th Period-Biology

7th Period-Office Aid

B Day: Tues, Thurs

2nd Period-Spanish 1

4th Period-Culinary Arts

6th Period-English 2

8th Period-Algebra 2

Lunch: First Lunch

Reagan was happy when she saw her first class.

Art was one of her favorite things to do! She would spend hours a day just drawing and doodling in her sketchbook. It even helped her when she was stressed or upset. So, this class would really help improve her art a bit more, especially when it came to drawing hands.

History. Oh brother. History was super long and super boring, and History wasn’t one of her strengths.

Biology. Mmm, not so bad. But then Reagan remembered she didn’t really like it as much when she was homeschooled because she never got to do any labs at all.

Office Aid?  What was that?

Spanish. Perfect! She knew some words in Spanish thanks to her private school. And one of her aunts spoke Spanish to so this would help expand her vocabulary.

Culinary Arts? Wow! She loved to help the family’s personal chef in the kitchen back home and bake things on her own from time to time to! She could learn to cook and expand from making a simple PB&J.

English. Interesting. Would she be learning the language English?

Algebra. It was neither her weakness nor her strength. But she was well advanced in math seeing how good at it she was.

Reagan checked the time on her watch.


“Uh oh.” thought Reagan, “I should already be at art class!”

She didn’t wanna miss her first class.

She stuffed her schedule in her pocket, picked up her art supplies and sketchbook,

and dashed down the hall to the art room.

The minute Reagan stepped foot into the room, she was already greeted with large tables, pictures and paintings from years past, easels, light tables, tables with five chairs for five students to sit at, and a closet filled with tons of art supplies.

But the professor was missing. Where was she…or he?

Reagan dropped her things at the nearest table and walked around the room while the students chatted amongst themselves. She looked around the large room but then stopped at the closet. She saw a short figure who looked shorter than her, fumbling about where the paints were.

Reagan asked in a shy tone, “U-Uh. E-Excuse me? I-I don’t mean to be a bother b-but uh. Where did the professor run off to?”

The women bumped her head before turning to Reagan.

She looked and dressed like a gypsy woman, beads and all.

Reagan’s eyes widened as she saw her.

The women hopped down from the ladder and walked up to Reagan.

“You’re lookin’ right at her.” she replied. She had a thick Russian accent.

“Oh. It’s uh, nice to meet you.” said Reagan. “I-I’m- “

“New student. I know.” she replied. “Davay! Davay! out out out!”

She pushed Reagan out of the closet and said, “Take your seat. I don’t have all day.”

Reagan said nothing and took her seat. This art professor seemed pretty rude.

The women clapped her hands to get the students attention.

“Dobroye UUUUtro class.” said the lady, holding the U.

“Dobroye Utro Ms. Preobrazhensky.” said the rest of the class.

“Welcome welcome! I would love to welcome you all to my Art class.” said Ms. Preobrazhensky. “Now, vhile I take the roll. I would like you to complete your first sketchbook assignment. Vou must draw your name and draw all de things you kiddies like. Uh, for instance uh de Fortnite game or de annoying song vith the colorful sharks or vhat ever you kiddies like now a-days. Da! Begin.”

Regan opened her big, black sketchbook and got to work. She wrote her name in big bubbly letters and colored it red. Then she got to work on surrounding her name with many things she liked like. Her drawing consisted of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a lamb, a paint pallet with a paintbrush, a drawing of Iron Man, the symbol for Taurus, a stack of comic books, a steam engine train, Patch from 101 Dalmatians, and some puzzle pieces representing the fact that she has Autism.

She didn’t notice that any time passed by until Ms. Preobrazhensky shouted, “Gold Girl!”

Reagan jumped in her seat in surprise.

Most kids snickered at her.

“Come on, let me see your vork.” she barked.

Reagan showed Ms. Preobrazhensky her sketchbook.

Ms. Preobrazhensky stared at it for a while before she took it to her desk.

Reagan sat in her seat for the longest time while the gypsy looking art teacher was staring at her sketchbook. She felt nervous and started twirling a loose strand of her hair (which she often does when she’s nervous).

“REAGAN!” Ms. Preobrazhensky screeched.

Regan’s eyes widened as the teacher called her. She stood up and walked to the desk.

“Niet! Niet! In my office.” said Ms. Preobrazhensky, pointing a long bony finger to a small office.

Reagan gulped and stepped into her office. Was she going to get in trouble on her very first day?

Ms. Preobrazhensky closed the door and started……hugging Reagan.

Reagan was confused.

“Vou brilliant child! Look at this!” said Ms. Preobrazhensky, showing her the assignment. “I had no idea you’s could draw so well! How long have you’s been drawing?”

“…Since I was 3.” said Reagan, still twirling her hair.

“I’ve never seen dis type of talent in my class before.” said Ms. Preobrazhensky. “My dear! There is not much I can teach you! You have very good talent!”

“Really?” asked Reagan excitedly. “…but I wish I could draw hands better. My hands look like potatoes.”

“Tell you what.” said Ms. Preobrazhensky. “How about I give you some pointers on how to draw hands. During the lunch break. You’s can have your lunch here and then we can start.”

“You mean it?” asked Reagan with a gleam in her eyes.

“Of course, of course!” said Ms. Preobrazhensky. “After all, talent like this does not show up every day. Although. I am curious about de puzzle pieces you drew here. Wvat do they mean?”

Reagan fumbled with her words.

If she told the teacher, let alone the whole school that she had Aspergers, she’d be the laughingstock of the entire 10th grade!

“U-Uh….I-I love to do puzzles.” Reagan lied.

“Ahh.” said Ms. Preobrazhensky, “interesting hobby for a girl your age.”

“Uh yep.” said Reagan with a nervous laugh.

Ms. Preobrazhensky handed back her sketchbook.

“So, I wvill see you during lunch on Wednesday?” asked Ms. Preobrazhensky.

“Sure!” said Reagan, “Thank you. Thank you, Ms. Preoba…uh, can I call you Ms. P?”

“Of course, you may.” said Ms. Preobrazhensky.

“Cool. Thank you, Ms. P!” said Reagan as she walked back to her seat.

She sighed with relief.


The rest of the morning went by in a blur and before Reagan knew it, it was lunchtime. She took her orange metal lunchbox and headed for the cafeteria.

Reagan walked slowly as she tried to find a seat but most of the students already called dibs on each table. Then, Reagan saw Harper and her group of friends (minus Loraine) sitting at half-empty table eating and gossiping.

“Harper!” said Reagan. “Harper! It’s Reagan from this morning!”

Harper stopped her, “Hold it Four Eyes!”

Reagan stopped dead in her tracks.

“This table is for popular girls only.” said Harper.

“Yeah, we don’t take in newbies!” added Marissa.

“B-But I don’t have anywhere else to sit.” said Reagan.

“Tough!” said Krystal.

“Let me show you where the newbies sit.” said Harper. She led Reagan to the garbage cans in the corner of the cafeteria.

“B-But that’s the garbage can.” Reagan said.

“Exactly. That’s where all the newbies go. Because every single newbie that comes to this school is nothing but a lowlife piece of trash!” explained Harper. “Ask the freshmen! Trust me, this seating arrangement is WAY up your alley.”

With that, Harper walked away, leaving Reagan alone.

Well, Reagan had no other choice. She sat on the floor and ate her lunch.

It was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some apple slices, a little white milk carton, some celery sticks, and a chocolate chip cookie.

Loraine noticed that Reagan was sitting on the floor by herself.

“You got sent to the trash to?” she asked.

“Yep.” said Reagan, not paying attention.

“I know how that feels.” Loraine replied. “I got sent here to. But you wouldn’t be sitting here if I didn’t sit with you.”

Loraine sat next to Reagan.

“S-So. You’re Reagan?” asked Loraine.

“Uh-huh.” Reagan replied. “And you’re……..Marissa?”

“Close. It’s Loraine.” said Loraine.

“Ohhh! Brace Face!” said Reagan.

Loraine stared at her and started to eat her food.

Reagan realized that she wasn’t supposed to say that.

“Oh geez. U-Uh, Loraine I didn’t mean to uh- “

“No, it’s Ok. I get that a lot. Even Harper calls me Brace Face.” said Loraine reassuring her.

“Then, if Harpers your friend, why does she cal you brace face?” asked Reagan.

Loraine looked at Harper and then back at Reagan.

“Harper’s cool and all but she’s…she’s a real jerk sometimes.” replied Loraine, “and besides, she’s never complimented on my braces before. I just got them a week ago and they hurt like crazy.”

“Oh, here.” said Reagan handing her an Advil cup. “Take an Advil pill, it will help with the pain.”

Loraine took a tablet and swallowed it with some milk to wash it down before handing back the Advil cup back to Reagan.

“Thank you.” said Loraine. “Hey, since we’re here, wanna tell secrets? If that’s what you royalty folks like doing.”

“Sure!” said Reagan. “Uh, you go first.”

“OK.” said Loraine. She whispered, “I have had this weird habit of biting my nails. I still have it and nobody else knows this.”

“M-My turn.” said Reagan. “The thing is that I… I…………IhaveAspergersSyndrome.”

“What?” asked Loraine, “You we’re speaking to fast Reagan.”

“Sorry.” she replied, “I…I have Asperger’s Syndrome…it’s a case of mild Autism. I’ve had it since I was two and it-it affects me socially and mentally. I have some weird obsessions. I still watch Blue’s Clues for pete’s sake and- “

“Reagan.” said Loraine, “I’ve heard enough. But why don’t you wanna tell anyone this information?”

“I-I don’t wanna tell anyone because I-I didn’t wanna get bullied again.” said Reagan.

Loraine held out her pinky and said, “I won’t tell a soul that you have Autism. It’s a promise.”

Reagan looked at her pinky and joined hers in with Loraine’s.

“Thank you.” said Reagan as she hugged Loraine.

Loraine was shocked but hugged her back.

Chapter 3: The Art Competition

The next few days came and went and soon enough, Reagan already had entered her second week of school. She enjoyed all her classes and even made her first real friend in Loraine. She was completing the last of her Algebra homework during her Office Aid period when an announcement came from the Principal, Mrs. McFarland.

“Attention Teachers, Students, and Staff.” Mrs. McFarland said over the intercoms, “As a treat for our wonderful return to school, next Friday, we will be hosting our 17th Annual Wright High Art Competition. Students of all grades can participate, and submissions will be due next Wednesday. The 1st place winner will have his or her work of art displayed at the Local Children’s Hospital, 2nd place will receive a 50-dollar Amazon gift card and 3rd place will receive a 20-dollar Amazon gift card.  Thank you.”

Reagan lifted her head up when she heard this announcement. An art competition?! No way! She’s never been in an art competition before! This could give her the chance to make friends!

Reagan finished her homework as quick as a flash and got to work on a rough sketch. She decided that she would paint a picture of a parrot sitting on a tree branch with the sun and blue sky and clouds behind it.

As soon as the bell rang for school to be let out, Reagan packed up her things and went straight to Ms. Preobrazhensky‘s room.

“Ms. P! Ms. P!” exclaimed Reagan with excitement. “It’s me Reagan!”

“Ahh! Reagan! Reagan! Come in!” said Ms. Preobrazhensky.

Reagan stepped inside and told Ms. Preobrazhensky about the art competition and how she wanted to join in and how she already got an idea on what she wants to submit.

Ms. Preobrazhensky agreed to help Reagan and made a whole makeshift work area for her.

“Dis will be your workspace. No distractions, no problems, and ABSOLUTELY no undisciplined students!” said Ms. Preobrazhensky as she glared at two boys who were running out of the room.

“Thank you, Ms. P,” said Reagan. “Thank you.”

“Of course.” said Ms. Preobrazhensky, “Anything for my favorite student.”

Reagan blushed a bit when she said that.

“Now, I vill be at my desk if you should need me.” said Ms. Preobrazhensky and with that, she retreated to her desk.

Reagan waisted no time and got to work ASAP.

For the past two and a half weeks after school, Reagan sketched, erased, outlined, and painted until finally, the piece was complete.

It turned out better than expected!

Reagan smiled at her work.

Maybe she should be a painter when she grew up as a side job after she became queen! Yes! Reagan could see it all now! Queen Reagan Florencia of Royaume, the world’s finest ruler and worlds best painter!

Reagan set the painting to dry and once it was dry, she grabbed a slip of paper and a red pen and wrote:

“Parrot on a Tree”

Acrylic Painting

Painted By: Reagan Florencia

10th Grade

She stuck it on the bottom right corner of her painting with some double-sided tape and snapped a picture of it on her phone.

When Reagan showed her work to Ms. Preobrazhensky, she was over the moon.

“Reagan darling!” said Ms. Preobrazhensky giving her a big hug. “Dis is wonderful! You’re sure to win de competition!”

“I hope so..” said Reagan. “I’ve worked really hard on this piece.”

“I know vou will.” said Ms. Preobrazhensky.


Soon the following Wednesday came, and Reagan stood in a line of students eager to submit her art work.

“Four Eyes?” called out a familiar voice.

Reagan turned around. It was Harper and she was submitting her artwork as well.

“Oh, hi Harper! What’s up?” said Reagan.

“What do you think Four Eyes? I’m turning in my artwork for the competition.” replied Harper.

“Oh! So am I!” said Reagan, “I can’t wait to present it to everyone! Can I see what you painted?”

“NO!” said Harper, swiping away her portfolio folder.

“Why not?” asked Reagan.

“None of your business Four Eyes!” replied Harper. “What’s your dumb painting of?”

“Hey! It’s not dumb!” Regan protested, standing her ground and clutching her painting in her hand. “And, my painting is called ‘Parrot on a Tree’.”

Reagan rolled open her painting and showed it to Harper, who was not pleased at all.

Harper laughed and said, “That’s what you’re turning in?! O.M.God, you are such a dweeb. That’s not even a parrot, that looks like a blob of squiggles! Marissa! Elle! Krystal! You gotta see this!”

Elle, Krystal, and Marissa walked up to Reagan and when they saw the painting, they bursted out laughing and even took pictures of Reagan and her quote on quote “hideous” picture.

Reagan looked crestfallen.

“Look Freak Face. You maybe Ms. Preobrazhensky‘s favorite student but get this in your head.” said Harper. “NO better. than me. But if you’re looking for a place to put your new picture in when you lose.” Harper pointed to the janitor’s room, “They’re always looking for pieces to brighten up the janitor’s room.”

Harper, Elle, Marissa, and Krystal bursted into laughter as Reagan took a few steps back to walk to the table for the submission process.

Reagan began to get anxious and stimmed a bit.

“You’re stimming again.” Reagan said to herself.

“Oh, sorry.” Reagan replied.

She walked up to submit her piece for the competition with Harper and the girls laughing behind her.

Reagan began to think, “Are they really right about me?”

Loraine saw Reagan while she was reading her book, “Reagan! Over here!”

Reagan noticed and headed to the table and sat across from Loraine.

“I saw Harper and her passé laughing at you again, “she said, “You should stay away from them.”

“It’s not my fault.” Reagan replied, twirling a strand of her hair, “She’s the one who keeps following me.”

“Listen,” said Loraine, putting her hand on Reagan’s hand, “If they give you trouble again, you come to me. I’ll sock them when I have the chance.”

Reagan gave Loraine a blank stare.

“Uh, that means I’ll punch them out if they mess with you,” replied Loraine.

“Oh. Thanks Loraine.” said Reagan, smiling sweetly.

“Don’t mention it,” Loraine said, “Nobody messes with my best friend.”

Harper and her friends saw the girls sitting together at the table.

The leader of the group saw Reagan’s lunchbox and then had a brilliant, spectacular, idea.

“Girls,” said Harper, “I think I may have found a way to make four eyes never forget who I am.”

Krystal, Marissa, and Elle giggled to themselves and began to listen in on Harper’s plan.

Chapter 4: The Truth is Revealed

A while later, Reagan and Loraine were sitting together in the hallway, laughing and joking around. They were talking and laughing about the videos that played on AFV from Sunday.

The hallway was quiet.

For a moment.








The fire alarm blared across the hallway.

Loraine and Reagan jolted at the sound of the fire alarm, but Regan yelped and proceeded to cover her ears with her hands and trembled.

Out of all the loud noises she hated, fire alarms were at the top of her list.

Loraine noticed Reagan trembling and groaning in agony at the sound of the alarm and helped her onto her feet.

She remembered that Reagan had said before that she hated loud noises because she was autistic and had noise sensitivity.

Then, Loraine had an idea.

She took her earbuds out of her backpack and connected them to her phone.

” Here Reagan, ” she said, putting the earbuds in Reagan’s ears, ”Use my phone and go into my music app. You can play any song you want and that should take your mind off the noise.”

With a trembling hand, Reagan scrolled through the playlists until she came across an Adele song and played it as she and Loraine headed out the door.

For a moment, Reagan felt a sense of peace as she started humming along to the song playing on Loraine’s phone.

It was Reagan who felt the crunchy orange leaves underneath her shoes that she took notice that she was outside of the school.

Along with fifty-plus other teens.

” A-Are we outside?” Reagan asked Loraine.

” Yep.,” said Loraine.” We’re outside the school now. The alarms not so loud from out here.”

Reagan stood still for a few seconds until she realized that she had to give back Loraine’s phone and earbuds.

“Oh, here are your earbuds and phone back.” said Reagan, handing them in Loraine’s hand.

“Oh, thanks Reagan.” said Loraine. “You feel better now?”

“Uh-huh.” said Reagan with a light smile, “Thanks for letting me listen to music while the alarm was going off Loraine.”

“Hey, no problem.” said Loraine. “I’ll keep the phone; you can keep the earbuds if you want. My dad’s getting me new ones.”

“Really?” said Reagan.

Loraine nodded.

“Wow! Thanks Loraine.” said Reagan excitedly as she put the earbuds in her pocket.

“You’re welcome.” said Loraine.

They started to walk back inside.

“No really, I-I mean it.” said Reagan. “It was such a wonderful thing you did back there. But I have a question. Why would you be friends with Harper even though she’s mean to you?”

“I guess it comes with age.” replied Loraine, brushing a few strands of her dark brown hair aside, “But I told her I’ve left to join a new crowd.”

Reagan just stared at her.

She didn’t get the concept well.

“I’ve left her to make some new friends.” said Loraine.

“Oh.” said Reagan.

“And I also said, Harper, you’re not not gonna tease me anymore! Because I’ve made friends with Reagan.” said Loraine. “Plus, I’ve never had a friend who was Autistic before so- “

“You’re Autistic?”

Reagan and Loraine came face to face with Harper, Elle, Krystal, and Marissa.

“H-Hi Harper.” said Reagan, “What’s u- “

“OMGod!” Harper laughed, “No wonder you act like a freak all the time!”

Marissa snickered a bit.

“Ok, now you know the big secret.” said Loraine, getting in front of Reagan, “What’s it to ya?”

“Loraine, you know some people act this way cause they’re Autistic.” said Harper, “They act this way because after they were born, they were given a heaping dose of mental regression drugs in their brains so they can act like a little kid out in public.”

Both girls were shocked.

“N-Now just a minute.” said Loraine, “Autism isn’t a drug. It’s a neurological disability that most

people have. Sure, they may act strange, but that’s not their fault!”

Harper scoffed, “Whatever. No wonder you don’t have any friends Four Eyes. Your nothing but a disabled and retarded piece of garbage!”

Reagan replied, “H-Hey, I’m not a- “

Harper said in a sing-song voice, “RETARD! RETARD! REAGAN IS A RETARD!”

Elle, Marissa, and Krystal bursted out laughing and joined in.

“I am not a retard!” protested Reagan.

“No, you’re not.” said Loraine, “and Harper, it’s “mentality challenged”.”

Harper said, “Shut it, traitor. You don’t even have the right to speak to me after leaving me with that freak show you call a bestie.”

She spotted Reagan’s lunchbox on the floor and snatched it.

“Uh, what is that?!” said Harper, “A lunchbox?!”

Elle, Marissa, and Krystal bursted out laughing.

“Who even carries a lunchbox anymore?!” said Harper.

“H-Hey.” said Reagan, “Give that back!”

Harper opened the contents of the lunchbox.

It was a clear container with KRAFT macaroni and cheese with a side of dinosaur chicken nuggets, a box of Hershey’s chocolate milk, a box of raisins, a bag with carrot sticks inside, and a small packet of sandwich cookies.

“Pfft! Dinosaur nuggets and mac and cheese?!” Harper laughed. “What is this from?! 1996?”

Marissa and Krystal started laughing.

“Knock it off! All of you!” Loraine exclaimed.

Elle saw the box of chocolate milk.

So did Harper.

A devilish grin appeared on Harpers face.

“Oh, Reagan my dear dear Reagan.” said Harper, patting her head in an innocent tone while tisking. “I know the perfect way to get rid of this little problem of yours.”

“Harper! Stop it! I don’t know what the heck you’re scheming but stop it.” said Loraine.

Harper took the chocolate milk box in her hands and poked a hole in it with her long fingernails.

“I read on the internet that milk can not only give you calcium nonono. It can also give you the cells you need in your tiny little brain of yours.”

“Harper don’t!” said Loraine.

But it was too late.


Harper “accidentally” spilled the chocolate milk bottle on the top of Reagan’s head.

Chocolate milk trickled down Reagan’s golden hair and all over her head.

Elle took the box and threw it away.

Next, Harper took the mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.

“Hey Reagan.” said Harper, “Here comes the airplane!”


Harper threw the mac and cheese on Reagan’s face and spewed ABC (Already Been Chewed) chicken nuggets all over her shirt and smeared it off.

Oh, and to clarify, Harper took the nuggets, chewed them up and spat them out of her mouth.

Gross, I know.

“Oh gosh golly goody,” said Harper. “Raisins? Those match your eyes.”

Harper opened the box of raisins and stuffed most of them in Reagan’s shirt,

scattered the latter of them in her hair and stuck five remaining raisins on her glasses.

“Harper! Stop it! Stop this right now!” said Loraine.

“Hey Harper!” said Marissa, holding up the bag of carrot sticks, “Can’t forget to give the mentally regressed baby girl her vegetables!”

“Oh, how could I forget.” said Harper. “Here comes the airplane!”

The next thing Harper did was take the carrots and stuffed them into her pants.

Reagan screamed for help, but all that most of the kids did was stand, watch, laugh,

and record everything on their phones.

Loraine tried to block out most of the phones with her hands but there were so many.

“And now that you’ve been a good little girl and ate alllll her veggies, I think it’s time for dessert.” said Harper as she took out the pack of Oreos.

Reagan looked in horror.

That wasn’t just any pack of Oreos—it was the earned pack of Oreos. It was the reward Reagan had got for passing her math test last week. She worked day and night studying and practicing her two-step equation problems and she passed the test with an A- grade.

“Harper… Harper, no…” Reagan whimpered desperately.

Harper merely glared and opened the packet an took one of them in her hand.

“Harper, please…!

Harper snarled as she took apart the cookie and walked up to Reagan, “Maybe this will get your brain in check!”

Harper, no!” Loraine shouted.

With a sickening grin, Harper took the piece of the cookie with the cream on it and rubbed it all over Reagan’s face.

Elle, Marissa and Krystal took some cookies from the packet and rubbed it all over Reagan’s arms, legs, hair, and clothes.

The other teens recording the showdown just laughed and cheered Harper and her friends on.

Then, it was over.

Harper, Marissa, and Krystal pulled Loraine to the side and saw the horrible sight of Reagan covered in food and milk.

The teens that stared at her just laughed and took dozens of pictures and videos.

Harper was in shock and anger, but more in shock, about what she had just witnessed.

Poor Reagan could do nothing but stare at everyone.

Her body grew cold, she was breathing so fast, her face got pale.

All her lunch was gone.

“What’s the prob….retard?” said Harper in a devilish grin.

All the kids bursted out laughing and took more pictures and videos of poor Reagan.

Regan’s eyes filled up with tears and she ran away from the crowd.

“Reagan, wait!” said Loraine.

But, Reagan didn’t hear her.

She ran into the school building and dashed up the stairs.

Loraine’s face became red and her fists tightened.

She turned to Harper and yelled, “ARE YOU CRAZY?!”

Harper scoffed, “I was trying to save you.”

“SAVE ME FROM WHAT?!” demanded Loraine.

“From being a retard like her.” said Harper.


“HOW DARE YOU?!” exclaimed Harper, “You can’t say anything to me you two-faced, backstabbing little- “


Loraine’s fist went flying.

Harper landed on the ground with a hard thud and looked up at Loraine in horror.

Loraine wanted to do more, but she thought a black eye was good enough, she stormed away from

the girls and headed inside the building to turn herself in.

Chapter 5: Depression

The next day, Reagan woke up extra early. Now, usually Reagan would wake up at six am but today was different, she woke up at five in the morning sharp.

Her parents were up at this time and noticed that Reagan was sitting all by herself in the recliner sofa in the living room all alone.

When her father asked if she couldn’t get back to sleep, Reagan replied, “N-No. Can I stay home from school today?”

Reagan’s mother and father looked at each other and back at Reagan.

Her father nodded yes.


Reagan was cutting up a banana into slices to place onto of her microwaved blueberry waffles when young David walked into the kitchen, all dressed up for school and his Minecraft backpack slung over his shoulder.

He noticed that Reagan was still in her pajamas, robe, and slippers.

“Hey Rea. How come your still in PJs?” he asked.

“I’m staying home from school today.” Reagan replied.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” said David, “Mom! How come Reagan gets to stay home from school today and I don’t?!”

“She couldn’t get back to sleep last night,” Leah replied as she put Emma’s breakfast down on table, “She can stay at home if she wants.”

“I-I couldn’t get back to sleep last night either.” lied David, “Guess I can’t go to school today either.”

Leah asked David, “Don’t you have a math test today?”

“Yeah, but—” started David. He tried to come up with an excuse, but nothing came out. His mind was blank. “Oh, OK.”

Leah giggled and gave David a kiss on the forehead as he got up to leave, “Good luck on your test.”


Reagan spent most of her day sketching, texting Loraine, watching TV, eating snacks, and mostly just laying down on the hammock in the backyard.

She couldn’t believe that Harper would do this to her and now all those pictures and videos of her being smothered with food were floating all over the internet.

Well, she…wasn’t wrong

While Reagan was making lunch for herself later that afternoon, her social media account notifications blew up and once she checked, she was mortified at what she saw. She saw millions of pictures and videos from yesterday’s little lunch incident and some of the pictures had horrible captions like the following;

“OMG! What a pig! 🐷🐽🤣

“Looks like the baby needs 2 go back 2 preschool, lol 😆

“Wow, She’s a freak! 🥴

“I wuz expecting you to land a pie in her face but this is better!”


“Miss Piggy 2.0 #oinkoink

“What a fine specimen 🤮🤢😂

“She needs JEZUS ⛪️✝️

“Some Queen she’s turning out to be! Good work Harper!”

Amongst other things. But one comment really broke Reagan’s heart. It said…well. Reagan would rather not read that one comment.

Reagan saw the countless amount of videos recapturing the moments her lunch was spewed all over herself in sorrow and tried not to cry but the lump in her throat grew bigger and bigger as she ate her lunch in front of the living room TV.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks and the lenses of her glasses got wet.

Reagan tried to keep it together by watching a re-run of Impractical Jokers on her fire tablet.

But that didn’t cheer her up.

Now, everyone at school was going to make fun of her and throw food at her!

She was going to be the laughingstock of the entire tenth grade!

Reagan sobbed more as she drank some Papaya Passion Fruit Green Tea out of her favorite mug.


“So, how long do you have lunch detention for after you gave Harper that black eye?”

“A week.”

Reagan sat on her bed in her pajamas and socks, video chatting with Loraine.

Because of Loraine’s action after Harper humiliated her in front of the whole 10th grade, she ended up having a week-long lunch detention which meant that she couldn’t eat in the cafeteria. Loraine said, “I’m sorry about Harper Reagan. When I was still friends with her we would do these kinds of things to the other kids and- “

“It’s not your fault Loraine.” Reagan interrupted, “if anything it’s my fault. I-I should’ve never came to this school in the first place.”

“No Reagan.” said Loraine, “Don’t worry, after my lunch detention is over, we’re gonna straighten out everything and expose Harper and her little flying monkeys with her. And uh, you are coming to the art competition, tomorrow right?”

“Yeah,” Reagan replied, “My picture is one of the entries so I have to attend.”

“Oh, I gotta go. It’s getting late.” said Loraine.

“Yeah me to.” replies Reagan, “I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

“You to Reagan.” said Loraine and with the push of a button, both girls hung up.

Leah entered the room to kiss Reagan goodnight.

Leaving a dark magenta lipstick mark on her forehead, Leah said, “Goodnight dear. I love you.”

Reagan smiled in response, but she frowned a bit, “Mom, there’s a reason why I was sad today

and crying yesterday after school. I didn’t get a bad grade on my science test; I got an 85.”

“So,” said Leah sitting next to her on her bed, “What was the reason for you being sad?”

And so, with a trembling voice, Reagan told the story to the queen and how she made friends with Loraine, tried to be nice to Harper, and what happened the day after the fire alarm was let off. Leah was shocked to hear that some snobby mcsnobster would do such a horrendous thing to her daughter and call her all those things.

Leah hugged Reagan tight and Reagan wrapped her arms around her mother with a sniffle.

“I don’t understand mom,” said Reagan, wiping away her tears. “You said to be myself at this new school b-but why doesn’t anyone like me? I’m a nice person.”

“Yes,” added Leah, “You are a very nice person. Some people…just don’t see that. If you want, I can go to the office and talk to the head about it- “

“No, mom it’s OK.” said Reagan, wiping the tip of her nose with her fist, “M-My friend Loraine’s gonna take care of it after her lunch detention is over. I-It’s just that I feel guilty about the whole thing, if I’ve just ignored her then- “

“Reagan,” said Leah, putting a hand on her shoulder, “It’s alright if your trying to make friends, but this is not you’re fault that this happened, you just have to know who is the right person for you. This Loraine girl seems like a nice friend to you isn’t she?”

Reagan nodded, “Shes the greatest friend in the world. You’d like her mom.”

“I’m sure I would.” Leah smiled.

She kissed Loraine’s head again and left the room, silently shutting the door behind her.

Reagan smiled as her mother’s words kept repeating in her head.

“Would they know who I really am?” she thought. “Would they really accept me into anywhere even after I finish school?”

Reagan watched some TV to take her mind off things for a bit before she fell asleep.

Chapter 6: The Cat’s Outta the Bag

The following school day came and went and soon enough, Reagan and her family (who were the guests of honor by the way), found themselves standing in a large room filled with tables and chairs and dozens of works of art displayed all over the room, and Reagan’s painting was one of them.

Reagan sat at the table alone while snacking on some lady finger cookies at one the tables until she heard a familiar voice call out to her.

“Well well well…isn’t it the retarded princess of Royaume. Oh wait, I meant to say mentally challenged tenth grader.”

Reagan looked up and sure enough, it was Harper, Melissa, Krystal, and Elle.

They were all dressed up in their very best dress clothes.

Harper had several layers of makeup on to cover up her black eye.

Harper than said, “I wasn’t expecting you to show up four eyes. I thought you were still sick with a head cold, at least that’s what your mother said.”

Reagan just stared at her and blinked.

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” Elle teased, “Answer to Harper or you will be dunked with food again.”

Reagan got up from her chair and walked straight forward to Harper and in a calm, yet firm tone Reagan said, “Harper. What you did yesterday was very…wrong of you to. I would appreciate it if you would…leave me be and put this whole charade between us to an end.”

Reagan trembled a bit, it was the first time she ever stood up to anyone.

Harper was shocked.

“Are you threatening me?” Harper asked.

“No,” said Reagan, “I said, can you please leave me to do my own thing.”

“I can’t just let an easy target like you get away from me.” Harper replied.

“You can and you will.”

All the girls turned around to find Loraine standing behind Harper.

“I’ve witnessed what you did Harper.” said Loraine, “And once I’m done, you’re gonna regret all of this for the rest of your life!”

“What do you mean?” scoffed Harper.

“Attention ladies and gentlemen, we are about to announce the winner of this years art competition.” said Mrs. McFarland at the podium on the stage.

“You’ll see.” said Loraine. “All the adults are aware of the incident at school but they don’t know who was the one who started it in the first place.”

Then, she and Reagan walked up to the tables. She was still confused at what Loraine meant.

“Now before we announce the winners, we have a special announcement done by tenth grader, Loraine Morales.”

The audience clapped their hands as Loraine walked on stage.

Loraine cleared her throat before speaking.

“Um, h-hi everyone.” said Loraine, “Uh, before I start. I just wanna point out something, something that I have kept inside of me for two days straight and that is…uh….well, you’re

probably aware of the bullying incident that happened at school two days ago and I have come to tell you all that HARPER WAS THE ONE WHO CAUSED IT ALL!”

The audience gasped in shock.

Greg, David, and Emma included.

“I want to say that this young lady, had the audacity to bully Princess Reagan Florencia, who is on the Autism Spectrum, by throwing the contents of her lunchbox at her and dumping on her! And what’s worse is that Marissa, Elle, and Krystal, were along with it!”

Everyone turned to Harper and her friends who stood there looking like they’ve seen a ghost.

Harper laughed nervously and said, “S-She can’t prove that! She has no evidence to say that I was the one who did it!”

“Oh yes I do!” said Loraine and she held up her phone and handed it to the principal, “What Ms. McFarland is about to see is video evidence of Harper Prescott, bullying someone on the Autism Spectrum.”

And it was clear in full HD color.

What Ms. McFarland saw was horrifying.

There, she saw Harper throwing all of Reagan’s food from her lunchbox and Loraine begging her to stop.

When the video ended, Ms McFarland gave Harper and the other three girls the death look. Harpers face went pale.

“Miss Prescott. You do realize that we have a no bullying policy on campus, right?”

Harper laughed a little and said, “H-How do you know that? Y-You can’t prove that!”

“Oh yes she can!” said Reagan, standing next to Loraine. She held up a hair pin,”This hair pin was on Harper’s hair during the time of the food fight. It must’ve fell off of her hair. That’s why Loraine punched her in the first place.”

Harper was in shock and asked, “Loraine! Why would you wanna believe a mentally retarded freak than your own friends.”

“I don’t wanna be you’re friend anymore! We’re through Harper!” yelled Loraine, “And I believe Reagan because she’s the most interesting, yet slightly awkward, person I’ve ever met and at least she’s a lot nicer than you are you plastic surgery addicted looser!”

Harper, Krystal, and Melissa gasped in shock when Loraine said that.

“Y-You really mean what you said Loraine?” Reagan asked.

“Of course, I did.” said Loraine, putting a hand on her shoulder, “Who cares if you’re Autistic? You’re still a person and my best friend.”

Reagan smiled widely as she said that and scooped up Loraine in a huge hug. The audience went “awww!” and cheered and clapped for the two. Loraine was a little shocked at first but wrapped her arms around Reagan.

Leah and Greg smiled with pride while David and Emma smiled wide.

Mrs. McFarland smiled before coming up to the podium and said, “Harper, Krystal, Marissa. I’ll have a word with the three of you on Monday. Anyways, I am happy to announce that the winner of this year’s Art Competition is…. Parrot on a Tree by Princess Reagan Florencia.”

The audience cheered and clapped in delight. Reagan stood in shock for a few minutes before she smiled wide and shook the teachers hand and smiled for the camera.

Reagan smiled sweetly at those who were applauded for her because for the first time in a month and a half, she finally felt welcomed and accepted.

After the art completion and all the other winners have been announced, Reagan met with her parents and siblings at her table.

“Reagan, my dear,” said Greg, “We’re so proud of you! You did a fantastic job!”

“You really proven yourself to be quite the artist of the family.” said Leah.

“I liked your artwork Reagan.” said David as he munched on some chicken tenders he got from the buffet table.

“Me to!” added Emma, drinking some juice.

“Thanks everyone.” said Reagan, “I still can’t believe I got first place.”

“So, Reagan.” said Greg, “Do you like Minnesota or should we pack up again and go back to France? It’s your choice.”

“Actually dad, I think we’ll stay here.” said Reagan, “I love Minnesota and I think after I finish high school and college, I’ll go back to Royaume to take over the throne when you and mom get too old.”

“That sounds fair,” said Leah, “What do you think Greg?”

“As long as my daughter is happy, I’m happy.” Greg replied.

“Mind if I join you?”

Loraine sat down next to Reagan while smiling.

“Oh, Rea,” said Loraine, “I overheard from Harper and the girls. The principal took them outside to talk and they won’t be bothering you or me anymore. She also said that she didn’t tell

my parents about the lunch detention either!”

“That’s great Loraine!” said Reagan, “And, uh, thanks for sticking up for me back there.”

“Hey, you’re my best friend,” said Loraine, “and I always make sure my friends don’t get pushed around.”

Reagan smiled.

“Oh, mom, dad, David, Emma,” said Reagan, “This is Loraine. My best friend and newly appointed royal advisor.”

“Advisor?!” said Loraine excitedly, “I’m your advisor?! Wow!”

Loraine shook hands and greeted Reagan’s parents and siblings and the six began to talk the night away.

Chapter 7: The Aftermath


Hello!! It’s Reagan again, coming to you from Lockheart with an update! A lot has happened since I started school here in Minnesota and even though it was a rocky start, I managed to get by!

I have a best friend Loraine.

I have an amazing art teacher, weird, but amazing.

My painting is on display at the children’s hospital!

And I’m lucky enough to call Minnesota my new home! I guess all the superstitions I had before coming to America were false. It’s the best place ever. But I do miss southern France, but my parents said we will go and visit the kingdom one day.

And in case you’re wondering what happened to Harper, Krystal, Elle, and Marissa, Loraine told me that after her lunch detention was over, Harper, Krystal, and Marissa’s moms and dads all got together with their teachers and the principal about the whole bullying situation between me and them and instead of detention or suspended, they actually assigned them to not only write a bunch of apology letters to me and my parents, but they were also assigned to go on kitchen duty for the next month since they loved to throw food around as the principal quoted.

I mean that’s a pretty good punishment if you ask me.

And I still have those apology letters stuffed in my desk and read them carefully and concluded that forgiving them was the best option. My parents were super proud of me for making that decision and we even had apple pie (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PIE IN THE WORLD!!!!!) after dinner last night to celebrate a fresh start here in the states.

I guess, moving here wasn’t so bad after all. It’s gonna be a tough change but I’ll work through this because, just like my mom said, someday I’d be the one to fit right in.


I really hope you liked this story!! Please comment and review if you did!!!