It’s Official: Disney Descendants 2 is Coming!!!!! :)

Hey Guys,

If UR a fan of this summers Disney Channel’s movie Defendants get this! This morning Disney Channel officially announced that a Descendants 2 is on the way! and here R just some of the characters I want 2 C have their own kids.

.Captain Hook(Peter Pan)

.Ursula(The Little Mermaid)

.Shere Khan(The Jungle Book)

.Queen of Hearts(Alice in Wonderland)

.Scar(The Lion King)

.Dr.Facilier(Princess & The Frog)


.Aladdin & Jasmine(Aladdin)

.Tiana & Naveen(Princess & The Frog)

.Rapunzel & Eugene(Tangled)


.Anna & Kristoff(Frozen)

.Ariel & Eric(The Little Mermaid)

.Snow White(Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs)


Let me know in the comments that UR excited 4 the Decendants sequel!!


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