Kiara White & the 7 Toons Cast

Kiara(The Lion King 2) as Snow White

Young Simba(The Lion King)-Snow White’s brother

Zira as The Evil Queen
Donatello(TMNT 2012) as Doc
Anger(Inside Out) as Grumpy
Beast Boy(Teen Titans GO!) as Happy
Snoopy(Peanuts) as Sleepy
Wakko Warner(Animaniacs) as Bashful
Po(Kung Fu Panda) as Sneezy
Oliver (Oliver & Company) as Dopey
Magic Mirror as Itself
Pain & Panic(Hercules) as The Huntsmen
Kovu(The Lion King 2) as The Prince

Vitani(The Lion King 2) as the Evil Queen(in disguise)

Shenzi, Banzai, & Ed(The Lion King) as the Vultures

The Crow as himself

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