The Ohana Pride Announcement!!


Hey Guys,

2day I have an important announcement…I’m starting my own PRIDE!!!

I’ve looked up other fanmade Ohana’s online & now I’m starting a pride, all my own. It’s called ‘The Ohana Pride’ and it has all of my favorite Disney & Non-Disney characters and we all live in the Disneyland Paris castle 2gether as a gr8 big family!!

Here R the members:


.Tai Lung



.Tiger Claw

.Yakko Warner



.Beast Boy


.Rocket Racoon


.Patch the Puppy

.Hiro Hamada


.Manolo Sanchez



.Agent Classified

.Po the Panda

.Mickey Mouse

.Bing Bong



.Puss in Boots(Shrek)




.Young Simba

.Young Kovu


.Mondo Gekco(2012)







.Sal Commander


.Jack Skellington


.Alvin & Simon

.The Chipettes




.Anna & Elsa



.Furious 5



.Bia, Carla, & Tiago

.Nico & Pedro


.Alex, Marty, Gloria, & Melman

.Madagascar Penguins

.Victor, Hugo, & Laverne


.Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs.Potts, Chip





.Charlie Brown


.Kermit the Frog

.Young Nala

.Young Kiara

.Young Vitani

.April O’Neil(2012)




.Hiccup, Astrid, & Toothless

.Rodger Rabbit

.Jessica Rabbit

.Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, & Fear



80’s Raphael

.Pinky & the Brain

.Jack Frost



.The Lorax














.Papi Jr.
























.Kevin & Stuart(Minions)

.Mike Wazouski

.Flynn Rider



.Maire, Berlioz, & Toluse

.Ryan(Lion Cub)

.Koda(Bear Cub)

.Stinky, Clawdette, Runt, Fleet, Magril

.Jungle Cubs

.Young Tarzan, Young Terk, & Young Tantor

.Chip & Dale

.Magic Carpet(Aladdin)




Hope U guys like my idea!!

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