The Little Tree: A Christmas Story

Author’s Note: This is a special Christmas Story I wrote myself yesterday, &  I hope U all enjoy it)

The Little Tree: A Christmas Story

Written by: Jessica.R

There once was a tree ranch where every year, people would come and buy Christmas trees for their homes and each time, people would get either the biggest trees that stood up by 23 feet tall or medium sized trees that stood up by 6 feet tall. But out of all the trees in the ranch one tree stood out from the rest…..Now, while most of the trees in the ranch had strong trunks and many branches, this tree had only three branches and very little leaves, but the one characteristic that made this tree stand out from the others that it was only 12 inches tall, thus the owner of the ranch dubbed it with the name, “the little tree”, and every year that little tree waited at that ranch, in hopes that someone would buy him and take him home to get decorated for Christmas. Each day, the little tree pondered; “Would someone come buy me and take me to get decorated for Christmas?”, but as the years went one, he saw other trees being bought and sold to people everywhere, and then he thought; “I may be small and un-sturdy, nut I can make a great Christmas tree…”, so each day and night, the little tree stood there, hoping  that one day, he would be chosen.

Somedays, people would stare in disgust of that little tree, other times, some children(that had been let out of school) tried to burry the little tree deep in the depths of snow, but  what happened next made the little tree like it least of all….one day, while searching for that right Christmas tree, a little boy, no more than age 4, placed a heavy red ornament on the tip of the tree and the that made the tip of the of the tree droop(luckily the tree didn’t break). “Why?”, the little tree thought. “Why would someone that cruel do this to a little tree like me?” A reoccurring thought came to him. “I may be small and un-sturdy, but I can make a great Christmas tree…”. So the poor little tree stood there, with the ornament sagging down on his view.

One day, as the little tree watched all the other trees being bought, a shadow loomed over him, but this wasn’t the shadow of the owner, the owner of the shadow belonged to a little girl who was at the age of 8. She stared down at the little tree and began to ponder; “Why would people torcher this poor little tree? I think this tree is perfect, no matter how small and un-sturdy it is.” She knew just what to do! The little girl unburied the tree and took it to the cashier to pay.

“Are you sure this is the tree you want?” the owner asked the little girl as she was leaving the ranch.

“Yes sir.” she replied with a smile. “I’m sure.”

With that, she left for home.

Once inside her nice warm home, the little girl set the tree down the table and stared at it for a while.

“Its not such a bad little tree.” said the little girl. “It just needs a little love is all.”

And that’s exactly what she did.

She grabbed a pot and filled it with the best soil she could find in her house, then, she took off her green scarf and wrapped it around the pot so the tree could have warmth, finally, she took off the heavy ornament and began to decorate the little tree. She hung a sting of lights. popcorn curnles, a paper clip chain, small ornaments, and a small paper-mache done star on top. The little girl took a step back once she was done and thought; “What a perfect little tree.” A smile grew across the child’s face when she saw the little tree full of life.

Many hours later, the little tree thought of the kindness that the little girl had given him, and thought to himself; ” I know that I’m small and un-sturdy, but…I was right all along! I DID make a great Christmas tree!”




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