Frozen 2 Predictions

Hey Guys,

As U all know that 2 months ago, Frozen 2 was officially announced and every Frozen fan went psycho including me!!


This was me when Frozen 2 was announced:  😀 😀 :-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(End of Flashback)

Now that the sequel 4 Frozen was announced people everywhere started to make up their own predictions on what the new movie will feature….but 2day I want to share with all of you what could happen in Frozen 2!

In Frozen 2…..

  1. Anna and Kristoff will have a son or daughter of their own
  2. Elsa most likely be meeting a prince with the same power as hers
  3. Olaf will be the new leader of the little snowmen from the ‘Frozen Fever’ short film that was with the remake of Cinderella back in March
  4. Hans will team up with a new villain to take the right 4 Arendelle


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