EF Spring Break Vlog: Day 2

Day 2: Today was our last day in London, so we made the best of it. We saw Buckingham Palace, Parlaiment Houses, & a beautiful park where I stopped for a bathroom break and got hot chocolate. After lunch, we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour which I think was the highlight of the day. We saw how they made the films and I got a Hedwing plush puppet that makes noise when you press a button on the wing. As the sun set, it was time to head out for dinner and before the trip, I made a vow to try Fish ‘N Chips when we went to London. I tried it and it was delishious! (& I don’t even like seafood) and the chips were amazing too. For dessert, we had some kind of apple pie type pastrie with white chocolate sauce on top and it was really good too. After dinner, some of the kids, the teachers, & Simon went shopping while the rest of us went back to the hotel to get ready for bed. So, long story short, we had a fun day. Tomorrow, we’re getting on the Eurostar Train service to get to Paris so we have to get up very early(😖😖😖😖).

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