EF Spring Break Vlog: Day 4

Day 4: Today was our last day in Paris so we made the best of it(by doing a lot of walking, lol). We saw lots of things like Notre Dame Cathedral and the Effiel Tower. It was also our first sunny day we’ve seen in Europe so far, so during the day it wasn’t as cold as we previously thought it would be. We want to the Lourve(home of the Mona Lisa), it was beautiful museum but it took us *what seemed like ages* to find the exit when it was time to leave, and after dinner, I chickened out about not going to the top of the Effiel Tower, so I stayed with my grandmother until the others came back, which took a while because the line to get down was long, so we ended up getting back at the hotel at 12 in the morning and we have to be out at 7 in the morning after breakfast(how crazy is that?!?😦😦😦). Anyway, today was both a long and exhausting day and tommorow we finally get a rest day during our 10 hour bus drive to Switzerland, and that’s good enough for me.

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