Disney Film Anniversaries-June.

Hey Guys,

2day I will be giving you the list of all the Disney films that R celebrating their anniversaries this month.(This is a new segment for my website I am doing so enjoy!)

June 5 1998-Mulan’s 17th Anniversary

June 14 1997-Hercules’s 18th Anniversary

June 15 1994-The Lion King’s 21st Anniversary

June 16 2002-Lilo & Stitch’s 13th Anniversary

June 18th 1999-Tarzan’s 16th Anniversary

June 21 1996-The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s 19th Anniversary

June 22 1988-Who Framed Rodger Rabbit’s 27th Anniversary

June 23rd 1995-Pocahontas’s 20th Anniversary



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