I Just Can’t Wait till Summer Break

I Just Can’t Wait Till Summer Break!
(Parody of the song ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ from ‘The Lion King’)


-My Mom
-High School Students
-Me and Erikah
-Ms.Cooper and My Mom

[Ms.Cooper: I’m sorry Jessica, but the summer isn’t just about fun and games…you’ll need to work on your summer reading and practice your driving. You’ll need to do a lot work this summer.]

[Me: Well, when the last day of school comes, that’ll
be the first thing to go!]

*My Mom Show’s Up*

[My Mom: Not so long as your teacher is still here.]

[Jessica: In that case I’ll just grab Erikah and we’ll get out of school 2 days early..]

[Ms.Cooper: Good one Jessica..But it’s not the last day of school yet.]

[Me: But it will be soon!]

[Ms.Cooper: But it isn’t yet! And with an attitude like that you’ll be shaping up to have a hectic summer indeed.]

[Me: Not the way I see it!]

Me: The Summer Break is finally here
And it’s gonna be a blast!

Ms.Cooper: Well, I’ve never seen a freshman girl like you
Never leave the fun for last!

Me: The summer’s gonna be about fun and games
That’s this season’s true meaning
But with all this work piled on my desk
It’ll make me start screaMING!

Ms.Cooper: Your idea of fun is a rather uninspiring thing to take

Me: Oh, I just can’t wait till summer break!

[Ms.Cooper: You have 24 hours to go young lady if you think!]

Me: Summer means amusement parks

*Ms.Cooper: Well I-*

Erikah: Chowing down on Ice Cream!

*Ms.Cooper: I know you’ll-*

Me: Celebrating Birthdays!

*Ms.Cooper: I mean that’s great for-*

Both: Turning 15 years of age!

*Ms.Cooper: 15 years?!?*

Me: Play Time’s granted for us all day…

[Ms.Cooper: Well that’s definitely out!]

Me: We’ll play games all my way!

*Me and Erikah run around the gym.*

My Mom: I think it’s time that you and I
Arranged a heart to heart

Me: My breaks don’t need parents
ruining fun days for a start

My Mom: If this is where the summer time is headed
Out of service, out of the school district
I totally refuse to be!

Ms.Cooper: This girl needs to tone it down for heavens sake…

Me: Oh, I just can’t wait till summer break!

*Me and Erikah run across the school hallways asking some of the high school students to come with us.*

Me: Every student turn east
Every Student turn west
Everywhere you’ll look there’s…
Beachside Sunsets

[Ms.Cooper and My Mom: Not yet!]

High School Students: Let every student get out of class and make a break!
Getting though the school year’s like a piece of cake!
This summer will have many memories to make!

All: Oh, I just can’t wait till summer break!
Oh, I just can’t wait till summer break!
Oh, I just can’t wait…….TILL SUMMER BREAK!

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