NOOO!!! Creepy ‘Teletubies’ R gonna come back!! :( :( :(

God!! I HATED NICKELODEON YESTERDAY!! Yep..4 all of U ‘Teletubies’ haters out there..I have some bad news..THAT CREEPY SHOW’S COMIN’ BACK AFTER 14 FREAKIN’ YEARS!!!

*audience screams in terror*

Yep, yep I know..Nick has announced it yesterday that the show is making new 12 minute episodes of the show sometime around next year and it will be on  the Nick Jr. station. 🙁

Now let me tell U my story on ‘Teletubies’ and my child hood…


When I was a baby, I used to ❤️ ‘Teletubies’ ALOT!!

I used to watch it everyday and night and I used to have the dolls!

My reaction to ‘Teletubies’ coming back on TV Next Year(*Thanks A lot Nickelodeon >:(*Yep, I was in love with it.

*End of Flashback*

Now when I look @ it’s  so CREEPY, especially the sun-baby face that laughs every now and then!

After it’s cancelation in 2001, I was on cloud nine*happy*..I thought I never have to see that creepy TV show again 😃😃

Until the announcement that it was coming back on TV yesterday!! I was like ‘NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!’

And that’s how it all happened 🙁

PLZ leave a comment about this horrible news and PLZ feel free to watch my reaction  on top on the show coming back!

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