Hey Guys,

I need help choosing the main characters 4 a new ‘Lion King’ comic I’m gonna draw soon.

The Cub Choices R:

.Fang, Ayo & Lesedi-Son’s & Daughter of Kovu & Kiara
.Abioye-Son of Kovu & Kiara
.Kali & Kamaria-Son & Daughter of Kovu & Kiara
.Amara ,Jabari & Imani-Daughters & Son of Kovu & Kiara
.Ishara & Kopa-Sons of Kovu & Kiara
.Shanti & Ayana-Daughter’s of Kovu & Kiara
.Desta-Daughter of Kovu & Kiara

.Rolan-Son of Kovu & Kiara

*2 find the cub(s) of UR choice, go on this website, click on my Media Library and find the cub(s) U want to be the main characters 4 my comic*

PLZ place your choice on the comments & THNKS!! 😉

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