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Here are the plots for

The Lion King: Simba & Friends Issue 5 Stories 41-45 & 46-50.

41)Kovu’s Dare-Kovu is dared by Taka to go jump the ravine.

42)Of Hyena’s & Lions-Kopa & Vitani befriend a hyena pup named Nadra, not knowing that her mother is planing an ivasion on Pride Rock.

43)The Journey-Simba, Kion & Kopa go on a journey with their father.

44)Life in Cub Mills-Kovu & Kiara discover a cub mill, runed by an evil lion named Krooger and try to help the prisoner cub’s get back on their own paws.

45)Follow the King-Simba invents a new game called ‘Follow the King’.



46)A Night out with Bora-Kion decides to treat Bora to a fun night out.

47)The Shooting Star-Kiara is determined to find a shooting star.

48)Pouncing Pros-Mufasa & Taka try to teach the little cubs(and Mheetu) how to pounce.

49)The Hunting Lesson-Uru takes Nala, Kiara, Vitani, Tama & Kula  on their 1st hunting lesson.

50)Zira’s Rage-After her failed 1st attempt to take control of Pride Rock, Zira returns with another plot of revenge which takes a nasty turn for the whole Pride.

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