FROZEN: Anna & Kristoff have a…

Hey Guys,

I’ve been reading a lot of your comments & votes on the post I made about Anna & Kristoff’s son/daughter and it finally came to mind on what the gender will be.

Also, I’m gonna be writing a mini series based on the previous post I made.

So, as of today..July 4th 2015, it was decided that in my*first*Frozen story, the first chapter will show Anna having a bouncing baby….BOY!!!

Thank U all so much 4 voting and I’m willing to do another vote like this sometime in the future!!

And until the story is written, here’s a little more on the new prince that will appear in the Frozen story!


Anna and Kristoff’s Son

Prince Anderson(AKA: Andy)of Arendelle

Age: 7


Anna’s Strawberry Blonde Hair with a mix of Kristoff’s Dirty Blond Hair and Anna’s Freckles.

Anna’s Ocean Blue Eyes

His trademark clothing is mostly foam green or teal with gold lining, trim or detail.Prince Anderson of Arendelle

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