The Lion King 4: A New Generation (Cub’s Finally Picked)

Hey Guys,

I’ve finally picked the cub’s that U all chose to be in my new comic ‘The Lion King 4: A New Generation’

and the winners R….


Amara ,Jabari & Imani-Daughters & Son of Kovu & Kiara!!!


Thank U all so much 4 helping me chose the star…or in this case STARS of the show and now…I can’t wait 2 get started on this comic and trust me….it will be an interesting story 4 U all to read.



Amara-Light Peach fur, white muzzle, underbelly & paws, emerald eyes.

Jabari-Anburn fur, black ear rims, black spots on head & legs, cream colored muzzle, underbelly & paws, ruby eyes.

Imani-Tan fur, white muzzle, underbelly & paws, hair tuff smaller than the large hair tuff that Vitani has, light green eyes.

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