The Lion King 4: A New Generation Plot

Hey Guys,

Here’s the plot 4 ‘The Lion King: A New Generation’



-Kiara has cubs


-Simba & Kovu gives cubs lesson on Pridelands

-CubsĀ  discover outlands

-Imani meets up with Ishara

-Chased by Red Dogs

-Parents & Krooger show up

-Scolding & Stargazing

-Krooger forms a plan

-Ambushed by Red Dogs

-Kovu & Simba fight Krooger

-Simba is killed during fight

-Funeral takes place 4 Simba

-Kovu tells Kion about Simba’s death

-Cub’s grow into young adults

-Imani meets Ishara again

-2nd ambush by Krooger

-Ishara’s exile

-Imani & Ishara fall in love

-Fight with Krooger

-Krooger’s death

-Outlander’s become Pridelanders

-Kovu & Kiara become king and queen

-Imani gives birth to her own cub

-Imani names the baby Simba Jr.


-‘There is Life’-Bambi 2

-‘My Lullaby’-Lion King 2

-‘Through my Eyes’-Brother Bear

-“Rafiki Mourns’-Lion King Broadway

-‘No Way Out’ Brother Bear

-‘Not One of Us’-Lion King 2

-‘Love Will Find a Way’-Lion King 2

-‘King of Pride Rock’-Lion King

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