The Lion King 4: A New Generation Characters

Hey Guys,

Here R the characters that will be appearing in ‘The Lion King 4: A New Generation’


Simba-King of Pride Rock

Nala-Queen of Pride Rock

Kiara-Simba’s Daughter

Kovu-Kiara’s Mate

Timon-Childhood Friend of Simba

Pumbaa-Childhood Friend of Simba

Rafiki-Wise Old Mandril

Zazu-Simba’s Major Domo

Vitani-Kovu’s Sister

Kali-Vitani’s Mate

Tama-Simba’s Friend, Zuri’s Mother

Erevu-Tama’s Mate, Zuri’s Father

Amara-Eldest Daughter of Kovu & Kiara

Jabari-Middle Son of Kovu & Kiara

Imani-Youngest Daughter of Kovu & Kiara

Sokka-Son of Vitani & Kali

Tamira-Daughter of Vitani & Kali

Kion-Simba’s Son

Zuri-Kion’s Best Friend

Krooger-The Main Antagonist

Ishara-Son of Krooger

Ellie-Daughter of Krooger

Kai, Kamara & Kahali-The Red Dogs, Krooger’s Minions

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