TMNT 2012: For the Love of a Turtle

Hey Guys,

2day I’m going to share with you a few things 4  a new TMNT story called ‘For the Love of a Turtle’.

Plot: After being ambushed by Purple Dragons, a girl named Alex befriends the turtles & Splinter and creates a personal connection with a certain orange masked turtle.*Takes place in the 2012 Version of TMNT*


Featuring the Voices of…


Seth Green-Leonardo

Sean Austin-Raphael

Rob Paulsen-Donatello

Greg Cipes-Michelangelo

Mae Whiteman-April O’Neil

Josh Peck-Casey Jones

Hoon Lee-Master Splinter

Tara Strong-Alexandra*Alex*

Jodie Sweetin-Rebecca*Becky*

Micthel Musso- Jonah Parkins

Kevin Michael Richerson-Shredder

Kelly Hu-Karai

Eric Bauza-Tiger Claw/Hun

Clancy Brown-Rahzar

Christian Lanz-Fishface

Phil Lamarr-Baxter Stockman

J.B Smooth-Bebop

Fred Tatasciore-Rocksteady

Andrew Kishino-Fong/Sid

James Sie-Tsoi


Songs Include…


Come and Get Your Love-RedBone

I Love You too Much-The Book of Life

Fade Away-Teen Titans GO!

Can You Feel the Love Tonight-Festival of The Lion King

Love is an Open Door-Frozen

The Prayer-Quest for Camelot

My Heart will go On-Titanic

Someday-Hunchback of Notre Dame

Love Will Find a Way-The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride


If U R wondering who’s Alexandra(Alex 4 short), read on 2 find out…


Alex G. Patron


Gender: Female


Age: 15


Skin Color: Tan


Hair Color: Reddish-Brown


Eye Color: Teal


Voiced By: Tara Strong


Friend(s): Leo, Donnie, Raph, Mikey*LOVE INTREST*, April*BEST FRIEND*, Casey, Splinter, Jonah*FORMER LOVE INTREST*


Enemies: Shredder, Karai, Rahzar, Fishface, Tiger Claw, Stockman, Bebop, Rocksteady, Purple Dragons

Physical Appearance: Alex is a 15 year old girl with tan colored and freckle splattered skin and slightly curly reddish-brown hair with a few hints of blonde in it. Her teal colored eyes shone like the stars in the night sky.


Her daily clothing consists of a violet colored short sleeved V-neck shirt covered by a turquoise colored jacket with a tie-die colored peace sign patch on the right jacket pocket. She wears long jeans, tie-die animal print socks and ‘Disney Authentic Little Mermaid Vans’ shoes. At school she carries along a dark purple backpack with colorful Indian patterns and a ‘Princess Jasmine’ backpack chain that hangs on the lower zipper of her backpack.


Her school dance outfit is a skater dress that is themed to the Disney movie ‘Aladdin’, her hair is in a braid supported by a red hair scrunchie and a blue flower hair clip is on the left side of her hair and on her feet are a pair of midnight purple flats.


Her evening patrol outfit is a bomber jacket themed to the Evil Queen from ‘Snow White’, black leggings, black walking boots and a leather brown belt consisting of her weapons(which are Butterfly Knifes).She also carries her Indian pattered backpack.


Her bedtime outfit is an NYC Legging PJ Set that she got from the store ‘Justice’, on her feet are a pair of fuzzy purple socks and her hair is in a long pony-tail supported by an orange hair scrunchie. Sometimes she is seen wearing a butterfly-print knit bed robe and on her feet are a pair of Emoji slippers which she also got from the store ‘Justice’.


Backstory: Alex was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Her father worked as an author, her mother worked as a doctor and her older sister Carmen left for college when she was 7 years old, so she stuck up as being an only child. Life was great for Alex and her family until her father’s company was closing down and they had to move to New York City where her great aunt, great uncle and her cousin Becky lived. Alex lived in a new apartment and went to a different school. Alex thought she would never make friends in her new school until she met a girl named April O’Neil and the two became the best of friends and they’d hang out together every day to talk about stuff, do their homework, share secrets and go out to movies. Since then, life was great for Alex, she had great friends, great school and a great home. Unfortunately, life was always not fair. One night, when she was coming home from April’s apartment when she got a call from Becky, she heard her cousin’s shaky voice saying that both of her parents died in a car crash caused by a drunk driver. When she got the news, Alex felt awful and went on to live with her cousin and her great aunt and uncle. After her parents death and living with her cousin, she thought life would be better…but she was wrong. On the anniversary of her parents death, a bunch of robot ninjas and street goons started a fire on Alex’s great aunt’s house, Alex fought through the flames to save her relatives. Becky survived the fire but her great aunt and uncle did not make it through the flames, both girls were devastated. Becky went to live at her older sister’s apartment back in Georgia and Alex was left on the streets as an orphan.


Personality: She is a perky, fun-loving girl who’s always looking for a good time. She’s kind, generous and always looking to help others before herself. She tries her best in school and goes to the same classes as April does.


Family: Kayla Patron(Mother)*DECEASED*, Thomas Patron(Father)*DECEASED*, Pam Patron(Great Aunt)*DECEASED*, Gary Patron(Great Uncle)*DECEASED*, Becky Thomas(Cousin), Carmen Patron(Older Sister), Douglass ‘Dug’ Patron(Pet Golden Retriever)


Likes: Disney Movies, drawing, having fun, chocolate, animals*especially baby ones*, turtles, Disney broadway shows, music, dancing, unique outfits, friends, Michelangelo, Jonah*FORMELY*, ‘The Book of Life’ movie.


Dislikes: Veggies, clowns, scary movies, Spongebob, shopping, bullies, being treated differently, Jonah, dumb movies & dumb TV shows, bugs, lizards, spiders.

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