The Lion King 4: A New Generation Chapter 1





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A year had passed since Zira’s reign of terror ended.

The Outlanders was accepted into the Pridelands with open paws.

Kiara had been married with the former rouge Kovu while his sister Vitani was married with a rouge named Kali.

During that time, Kiara and Kovu had became proud parents to not one,  but three beautiful cubs; Amara, Jabari & Imani.

Amara was the oldest and probably the most headstrong cub to pride had seen in a long time. She had her mother’s light peach fur coat and her father’s emerald eyes.

Jabari was the middle child, he had his mother’s spirit and was a bit playful and VERY kind.He had his father’s anburn brown fur coat with black spots on his head and legs, a messy hair tuff and his mother’s deep crimson  eyes.

Little Imani was the youngest of the bunch. She had her father’s spirit and gained a sense of adventure like her mother had. She had a tan fur coat like her aunt Vitani had, a hair tuff similar to Simba’s only it was a little wider and had her father’s green eyes, however, instead of deep emerald eyes like Kovu’s, she stuck with a pair of light green ones.

After Kiara’s cubs were born, Vitani and Kali were next to the parents to two healthy cubs, an eldest girl named Tamira & a boy named Sokka.

Tamira had her mother’s coat , a brown tail tuff, white paws, white underbelly and white muzzle. Her eye color was the same as her fathers, which was a beautiful reddish-brown color.

Sokka on the other hand had his father’s coat on his face and a reddish-tan hair tuff on his head, bobs of the tuff on his ears and legs while he had tan paws, muzzle and under belly. Sokka was also born with Vitani’s bright blue eyes.

Many months later, Nala had a surprise birth while out hunting. Many hours of labor passed for the queen and as the sun went down on the Pridelands, Nala had given birth to Kiara’s sibling and Simba’s 2nd cub, a beautiful baby boy in which they named Kion.

He was born with all of Simba’s features including a golden brown coat, a forming red hair tuff and fiery orange eyes.

Not long after Kion was born, Simba’s friend Tama had married her mate, a rouge lion named Erevu and they had a daughter which they named Zuri. She had Tama’s spirit and had her father’s appearance of a sunshine yellow pelt, five dots underneath her right eye and big shiny cyan blue eyes.

And as these cubs were born, the circle kept turning and going on…

To Be Continued…

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