Months passed by with out any incidents and as the  time went on by, Kovu and Kiara watched proudly as Amara, Jabari and Imani grew from fuzzy and adorable little babies into healthy and playful young cubs.

One day, as the early morning sun began to rise above the African landscape and Imani was the first to wake up. She happily jumped in between her aunt, uncle, grandparents and cousins, to the rock where her rest of her family slept and started to try to wake up Amara and Jabari.

“Amara! Jabari! wake up!” she laughed, poking Amara’s side with her front paws.

“C’mon guys!” she groaned. “….Dad and Grandpa promised to show us the whole kingdom!”

Amara and Jabari groaned a bit, but didn’t move. Imani looked at her sleeping siblings from head to tail and she noticed that one of Jabari’s hindlegs laying off to the side with the bottom of his paw up and Amara’s left ear twitching from time to time.

With a grin, Imani began to lick Jabari’s paw and chew on Amara’s twitching ear to tickle them. And it worked.

“Ha, ha, stop it Imani!” Jabari cried.

“Were awake, ha, ha, stop it!” Amara giggled.

Imani and Amara helped Jabari up on his all four paws.

The three cubs turned to hear their father get up.

*yawn* Good morning kids.” Kovu said, yawing and getting up on his paws.

“Mornin’ Dad!” Jabari smiled. “You guys promised to show us the whole kingdom!”

Kovu chuckled.

“Alright, alright…I’ll wake up Simba and we’ll go.”

The three cubs cheered and raced outside of the cave to look down across the Pridelands.

The sun began to stretch across the landscapes of the savannah.

Soon, Kovu & Simba walked step out of the cave. Through the years, Kovu’s mane grew up to an inch and a half long and Simba’s red mane remained the same, but it was starting to show a bit of gray hairs in it.

“Morning kids..” Simba greeted. “..Ready to go?”

“Yeah Grandpa!” Amara exclaimed.

Simba nodded as he and Kovu started to walk up to the top of Pride Rock.

“Hey guys!” three voices called out.

Those voices belonged to their cousins Sokka, Tamira, and Zuri who they two also grew into cubs.

“Hey guys, wanna come with us?” Imani asked.

“Sure!” Tamira said.

“Yeah! Let’s go!” Sokka exclaimed.

“C’mon!” Zuri cheered.

“Wait up guys!”

The six cubs turned to see another cub run up towards them.

His fur was a golden-brown color with a large red tuff of hair on his head. A paw print birthmark was splattered on his right shoulder and spots were all over his ankles. His eyes were fiery orange color.

“Morning Dad! Morning Kovu! Can I come too?” he asked Simba.

“Of course Kion! The more the merrier!” Simba said.

“YEAH!”  Kion exclaimed.

With that all the cubs all walked up to the top of Pride Rock and the view lit up the cubs eyes.

“Look closely cubs, everything that the light touches is our entire kingdom.” Simba said.

“Wow!” the cubs said in unison.

“A king’s time as ruler rises and falls like the son does in the sky. One day cubs, the sun will set on my time here and will rise with Kovu as the new king.” Simba said.

“..And this will all be yours daddy?” Imani asked Kovu.

“Yep.Everything.” said Kovu.

“Everything the  light touches…” Sokka and Kion awed.

Tamira looked all around the landscape. She then spotted a rip-rap canyon to the north side of the savannah.

“Wait…What about that shadowy place?” Tamira asked.

“Those are the outlands. You cubs must never go there.” Simba warned.

“But we always thought a king or a queen gotten a chance to do what ever he or she wants.” Amara said.

“Oh, there’s a lot more to being king or queen than getting their own way all the time.” Simba said, starting back down the rock.

“Really?” Zuri asked.

Imani was awed.

“There’s more?”

Kovu chuckled.


Simba, Kovu and the cubs were now walking across the savannah.

“You see, everything that your looking at right now exists in a delicate balance. As rulers of the Pridelands, you all need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures–from the smallest crawing ant to the largest leaping antelope.”

“But grandpa don’t we eat the antelope?” Jabari asked.

“Yes, we do Jabari but let me explain something to you. When we all die, our bodies become the grass and the antelope eat the grass.” Simba said, as they looked around the open savannah. “And so, we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.”

To Be Continued…

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