The Lion King: Simba & Friends

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Today I’ll be sharing some of the tittles & plots for my new AU story series called The Lion King: Simba & Friends.These stories take place when King Ahadi & Queen Uru (Mufasa & Scar’s mother and father) ruled over Pride Rock and the characters from The Lion King’s 1 & 2, The Lion Guard & The Lion King Comic Books are all cubs and very best friends and they have some unusual adventures together.



Simba-The Leader
Nala-Simba’s Right-Pawed Lioness
Kiara-The Curious One
Kovu-The Innocent One
Kopa-The Brains of the Outfit
Vitani-The One with the most Attitude of the Team
Kion-The Lion Guard
Mufasa-The Loyal Lion Prince
Mheetu-Nala’s Little Brother
Taka(Scar)-The Mysterious One

Ahadi & Uru-Simba, Kopa and Kion’s Parents, King & Queen of Pride Rock
Bongani & Furaha-Nala & Mheetu’s Mother and Father
Ebele & Imari-Kiara’s Mother and Father
Zawadi-Kovu’s Mother
Kiume-Viatni’s Father
Kibibi & Nawaka-Mufasa and Scar’s Parents

Zazu-Eye in the Sky
Rafiki-The Wise Mandril
Tojo-Kovu’s Best Friend
Mala-Mufasa and Scar’s Cousin
Asha, Koda and Leah-Pride Distance Friends
Dalila-Asha, Koda and Leah’s Mother
Jabari- Vitani’s Best Friend
Asante, Alikah and Dogo-Taka’s Gang
Tama-Kiara’s Best Friend
Swifty the Cheetah-Kion’s  Partner
Chuks-Bully from Kovu’s Other Pride
Emeka-Tojo’s Grandmother
Clawdius-Leader of the Swamp Pride
Folami-Tojo’s Abusive Aunt
Ni-Leader of Kovu’s Old Pride



The Lion King: Simba & Friends (Stories 1-5)


#1. The Way of the Cheetah- Kion’s partner Swifty teaches him how to be like a cheetah like him.

#2. Cousin Mala’s Visit- Mufasa & Taka’s cousin Mala comes to Pride Rock while her mother is out on a week-long hunting trip.While the other cubs take interest in her, Taka is fed up and annoyed so he plans to get rid of her.

#3. Here Comes the Trio- Uru’s old friend Dalila visits Pride Rock and introduces Simba & the Gang to her three cubs: Koda, Asha and Leah.

#4. Once Upon a Kovu- Rafiki tells the story of how Kovu & his mother Zawadi became members of Ahadi’s Pride

#5. Nala’s Brother- It’s the big moment everyone in Pride Rock was waiting for: The Birth of Nala’s  brand new baby brother!(or baby sister).


The Lion King: Simba & Friends (Stories 6-10)


#6. Mheetu’s Birth Celebration- Twelve days after the birth of Nala’s little brother, the whole pride plans to celebrate but will Taka & Simba learn to compromise when it comes to gathering the little cubs into a choir?

#7. How Ahadi met Uru-  Ahadi tells Simba the story on how he met Uru.

#8. Enter: Zira- A lioness named Zira has come to the Pride Lands to kill Ahadi & Uru’s boys as well as the rest of Simba’s friends, but who will stop this crazy cub killer from marking her target on little Kopa?

#9. Kiara & Tama- The 6 month anniversary of the day Kiara met her best friend Tama and the girls tell Kion, Kovu & Mufasa the story on how they met 6 months ago.

#10. For the Love of Cubs- Vitani’s old cave mate Malka comes to join Ahadi’s pride, but as the two bond after 3 long years, will Kopa be able to win over Vitani’s heart?


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