Hey Guys,

I have an announcement to make for all TMNT fans reading this…..BEBOP AND ROCKSTEADY FROM THE 1987 TMNT SERIES HAS ARRIVED ON THE NICKELODEON VERSION OF TMNT!!!!!!


hehe…sorry! got exited there!



I have recently heard that Nickelodeons TMNT will start again with brand new episodes starting Sunday March 8th 2015 @ 11:00 a.m.

The New Episodes are called…

*drum roll*

EPISODE(S) 11-The Pig & The Rhino(AKA: Bebop & Rocksteady’s full episode debut) which will air March 8th

EPISODE(S)12 & 13-Battle For New York(AKA: Hour Long Special)*I can’t wait for this one to air!!* which will air on March 15th

and Finally…

EPISODE(S) 14-Casey Jones VS. The Underworld(AKA: Hun from the 2003 TMNT debuts) which will air March 22nd.




(Good Bye for Now!)

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