The Lion King: Kiara’s Regin *MY IDEA 4 VOICE ACTORS*

Hey Guys,

Once again, if you are a fan of the comic ‘The Lion King: Kiara’s Regin’ created by TC-96 @ the website ‘DenviantART’, I came up with some ideas on who should play the roles the main cubs.

Young Asha-Madison Pettis

Adult Asha-Mandy Moore

Young Koda-Benjamin Flores, Jr.

Adult Koda-Chico Benymon

Young Leah-Tara Strong

Adult Leah-Mae Whitman

Young Bora-Kath Soucie

Adult Bora-Allison Munn

Young Mala-Ava Acres

Adult Mala-Gabrielle Elyse

Young Adofo-Nathaniel Semsen

Adult Adofo-Jack Griffo

Young Sefu-Emil-Bastien Bouffard

Adult Sefu-Leo Howard

Asante-Elias Garza

Alika-Breanna Yde

Dogo-Aidan Gallagher

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